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My boyfriend will be leaving for basics soon. He wants to join the marines. We are a young couple. He is 18, and I am 17. We have been together for 2 months today. I know most people will think that our relationship will not amount to anything because we are young. I have been told that before, but we really care about each other and want to make our relationship to last for a very long time. He is the guy of my dreams. My family loves him, and he treats my little sister like the young woman she is becoming which I have found is hard to find. He treats me amazing especially after coming out of a verbally abusive relationship a few years ago. I have finally found someone who truly respects and cares about me. I would love and greatly appreciate any advice on what it is like to be a military girlfriend and what to expect during basics. I know nothing about that military and any information would be greatly appreciated. I am also wanting to make friends in a similar situation to help me through this, and I found this website.(: I hope I can get some advice here(:
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I just recently got married to my marine. We also dated through high school. I was not able to get any phone calls through his basic training, just letters. You probably wont get your first one for a few weeks, but it is important to write him all the time. It is hard on them as well, they test them mentally as well as physically. He will be looking forward to your letters, just as much as you are his. Keep the letters positive and happy. Tell him you love him all the time. Make sure you keep yourself busy with sports or crafts or friends, anything, it will give you something to tell him about, and it will make the time apart seem to go by much faster.

I'm 18 years old now and married to my sailor :) My husband and I have been together since I was a sophomore in high school, 14 years old and we are happy as can be. He went to boot camp over a year ago, and it is really tough. You get a couple phone calls, mostly letters. You just have to be supportive and patient with him and have to try to understand what he is going through. It'll be a tough time for him as well. Write him letters every day! :) Feel free to message me if you want to talk!