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My boyfriend Stephen and I met in the first grade and we never thought that we would end up where we are now! He is a triplet (there are 2 boys and 1 girl). We were all friends when we were younger, them being some of my best friends as a child. After a few years due to family problems, they moved away and we lost touch. Just a few years ago we all reconnected through the internet and we have been inseperable ever since! We do have a long distance relationship because he lives an hour away from where we grew up (where I still live) and it is even further from where I go to college. So far, we have been dating about a year and a half<3

So his childhood family issues followed him into his adulthood and he just moved in with me recently and we plan on getting married in the future, but we are trying to wait as long as possible because I still have a couple years of college left and we are still young. He is actually leaving in a couple days for Fort Benning in Georgia and I am freaking out! I bought him some stationary and stamps for christmas but I know that he won't really be able to write much. I have family that has gone through the airforce so I know what that branch is like during basic and things like that, but every type is a little different and I do not know what to expect exactly, and I have heard so many stories about how strict Fort Benning is!

He is such an amazing and strong guy, both physically and mentally. He is my rock and in return I am his. We have been through so much together and I cannot imagine my life without him. Not only is he my boyfriend, but he is my bestfriend as well:) I know there is such a long road ahead of me, but I am so proud of him and I just want all of this to be over so it can be my time to see him again after 5 months lol
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Hi my boyfriend just left for the national guard January 2nd...Im so anxious to hear from him..how long will it take for him to write me ..thank u

I am not sure exactly, I thought it was like 3 weeks before they are allowed to give you their address, but I think that each base is different. I know Fort Benning is more strict about that type of stuff and Fort Jackson is a bit more lenient, but I am not 100% positive. What base is he at?

Idk :( what kinda bases are there....all I know is....that he going for mechanic engineering..I did call ft.benning though and they said after a week he should be able to send out a letter

Also idk y but I just feel like he's going to break up with me.he shouldn't because we're fine...my mom is just always coming up with reasons of why to keep worrying...after I get rid of one problem my mind comes up with another one...it's very stressful and I feel like I can't calm down or relax until I hear from him I miss him so much...hasn't even been a week

oh okay, and what day did he leave again? and i feel like they say they can write but then they get in trouble or something, idk, i just feel like I am never going to hear from him! ugh

He left January 2nd he comes back July 16th which happens to b my bday :) but has ur bf left...I really think we shld keep In touch cuz both r guys will b at the same place and maybe we can help each other out

How long have you guys been together? (I havent read all of your stories and its hard to keep everything straight haha) and I have a really bad anxiety disorder so i can see where you are coming from. I worry so much and my mind is constantly going all the time with different things to worry about and it just makes me more anxious and more crazy!

I have anxiety as well..I can definitely tell from my mind not being able to rest..I'm always wondering if he's thinking about me..does he miss me..etc...and we've been together 2 years.january 5th this year made it two years..

and def of course! and im the same way, stephen is not really verbal with his feelings and what he is thinking, only occasionally lol and its rough my boyfriend just left this morning:(

Awwwww wow...well try n stay strong..I'm trying to as well...so far it's been rough cuz I haven't heard from him but hopefully I will next week...I wish I had of asked u to tell him if he sees a boy name kalob tell him his girl said he loves him lol...it's going to be hard until I hear from him because I can't make my mind relax.....u can email me dinyshadoyle@yahoo.com also

is that his first name or last name? lol

Kalob is his first name...it's Caleb...just spelled like kalob lol..his last name is Doyle

oh okay, i gotcha :) lol

you will probably be able to talk to yours first before i get to talk to mine

Maybe...he's almost a week ahead of urs...when does ur boyfriend come back

he is supposed to come back in May, idk what day his graduation is exactly though

Oh ok...at least it's not very long...I'd prefer may then july :( when my boyfriend left at 4:30 in the morning I didn't expect to hear from him..at 5:30 at night he text me we got to tx maybe 10 mins...the guy phone he borrowed was about to die n the last thing he gt to text me was see u sooner than u think idk if he was just saying that or if it meant something but its driving me crazy...it would b so nice for him to come home early

well they have their bct and then ati, but then i think they have another 2 weeks of school (at least mine does) but its at the base that he will be stationed at near home. and he probably just meant that time will fly by and right now you are thinking that july is so far away but time will go by faster than you think and it wont seem as long as you think it is

Yea probably.right now it's going by kinda slow..once I get a letter saying hey baby I love you..then I'll b okay lol...but how's it going for u so far

yeah i know how that is, and im doing alright, he recently moved in with me and since he left I have not slept in my own bed lol I have been sleeping in his bed so i can breathe him in and all that, it might be weird, but idc haha it makes me feel a little better but i still wish that he was there to cuddle with me so i wasnt just cuddling with his pillows haha

Awwwwwwwwwww that's cute lol...he used to come over and stay the night and I don't want to change the covers lol...but I got a letter from him today im so happy..he wants me to ride with his mom to graduation :( but she doesn't like me I damn sure dont like her...so unless my mom will go idk what to do :( ..cuz riding with his mom isn't an option....do you know when they actually go to basic training where they will be transferred to?

Congrats on your first letter! how many days has it been since you left that you got one? and I don't think I really understand your question, sorry lol you mean after bct?

It took him a week.he left January 2nd and he dated the letter 1-7-12 ...it's not the actual address tho..he was still in reception but he started bct Wednesday..and he said he would write today or tomorrow so ill get his actual address probably Monday or Tuesday...it took 3 days for the letter to get to me...and nvm I found out ..I was wondering after they finished reception would they go to another state or is bct at the same place

by reception do you mean meps? and my boyfriend was on extended stay because of his family situation (LONG story) so he went through meps like 5 months before he left. So I feel like my time line is a little off compared to everyone else's....so I am thinking that even if your man went earlier than mine, they might still be in the same sweep for BCT?

Yea...how could we find out if they r

I have no idea, i guess just ask them lol

Hey how's everything? Have you heard anything...I've gotten 3 letters but not from his base so waiting on the actual address

I haven't gotten any letters yet, but I really hope I get some things soon, I haven't gotten a call yet either, I am just getting kind of sad and I hear people getting letters and calls and I just want to get them too!

You might be getting something this week.i can't say it's getting easier for me cuz since I still haven't got his address my nerves aren't calm yet.n he wrote me on the 6th 7th n 8th..the 6th n 7th he sent in one envelope n it got here in like 3 days but the 8th it didn't get here till yesterday..so the mail may be delayed

well, idk where you live so it might be different where I am hahaha and idk, he isn't really the writing type, but I am hoping that if he sees all of his buddies writing and stuff then he might want to also? Idk...like he said he would right, but I am not sure

Oh true...I'm In arkansas...I got 2 letters today finally with a return address....and he will!! He's going to miss you so much that's all he's going to want to do is write...my bf said everything I have been thinking.

I really hope so, but i think that we are similar in the way that I kind of get worried not talking to him. Im in NY at school, but I just feel, idk, just sad and I am the type of person that needs to be reassured of his feelings for me and that makes me more confident in the relationship, but I dont have that, and its one of those things like, does he miss me? does he think about me? stuff like that i just worry about maybe...i just miss him so much..

Don't stress..it will be okay it will just take time.whatever your thinking he's probably thinking the same..I feel just like u.i wouldn't be okay until I heard from him.hes going to write u

I really hope so! but cant help but freak out a little bit, idk, i just worry to much!

Hey!! How's everything

Its alright! I was really sad yesturday, but I am trying to stay busy and go to the gym and stuff (I have lost 4lbs so far! ) And i also found out that I can probably go see him in March instead of waiting until May! So I am really excited about that:) I just hope he isn't going to be like, "oh I don't want any distractions between basic and ait" or something like that, you know how some guys get, so i wrote him letting him know so i hope i get good news back! How is everything going with you?

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