My Soldier, I Miss You!

Who would of thought I would be an army girlfriend. I never imagined this. I have always been against long distance relationship, it is the hardest thing ever. But my soldier is such a great man and I cannot just set him aside to just being my friend. He is my man, my soldier, my boyfriend :) waow I am SO happy, happyer then ive ever been, words cannot express this bubbly fireworks feeling I get in my belly when even speaking about him. my great bestfriend. Am I falling in love here? I am a young army girlfriend 17 years old soon 18. I have future plans and goals, all of which I want my hunny involved in, this is the toughest ive ever been in. but I am going to stay strong for myself, for my boyfriend and this relationship.
armygf1231 armygf1231
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I'm in the same boat girl (: