We Made It Through Deployment!

My boyfriend Robby and I have been together for a year and a half. This entire time has always been long distance. But December 2011 he got deployed and just got back in November. I got to spend a whole month with him for Christmas and New Years which was nice but a week ago I had to say "see you later" again. He returned to NC. Adjusting to him leaving really was hard for me since the last time he left was to be deployed so for some reason I randomly forget he's in the states and not deployed. It was harder leaving him this time since we had been through so much when he was deployed. I am a stronger person now after going through that with him. There were some mornings getting out of bed was the last thing I wanted to do but between work school friends and finding ideas for care packages it helped my day go by a little faster. And every 5minute phone call or letter met the world to me and it did to him too. For any woman getting ready to deploy their man or are currently dealing with that hold on to every little conversation you have with them because they're doing the same thing. Know that every little thing you do for them means a lot. I sent my marine a care package once and month and he loved it! I even did a special valentines day one. Part of being with a military man is knowing that you are second and you always will. Robby is a Marine first and my boyfriend second and that never gets any easier you just learn to except it. Having to live in a different state sucks but it's a hell of a lot better having your man deployed. With him being back in the states we do "skype dates" once a week where it's just us really talking about everything going on in our lives or anything that's bothering us. It's very helpful because then we don't lose the serious side of our relationship. But with that being said I also realize that not every night I'll talk to him or not every morning I'll get a text from him and that's a sacrafice you make when you're with a military man. He is my rock he is who I go to when I need someone...but I've also learned that I can be my own rock too. I've learned that I have to be just as strong as he is even if at times it doesn't seem easy. While Robby was deployed my Grandpa passed away...talk about an emotional girl! but in the back of my mind I hear his voice saying that he wouldn't be with someone if he knew they couldn't handle whatever life threw at them and that got me through it. I rather be a thousand miles away from him then be with someone else. Missing someone gets easier every day because even though you're getting farther away from the last time you saw them you're one day closer to holding them again.
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I really respect your strength! You are quite a woman. There is just something in your story that bothered me. Yes... he is a marine... but you should always come first in his heart and mind. Even if he can't be with you the way he wants to be... you should always be the center of his wishes and thoughts. Never put yourself second - you deserve more than that. You will have to be apart - believe me... I understand. But just because he is a marine doesn't mean he doesn't value you as the number one priority. I'll bet you anything that he does - even if he can't always show you. :)

Thanks for the compliments!But what I met by that was we do have to put being with our men on hold...that's what i mean by coming second...they're always going to have to do what the military wants first you know what i mean? Believe me I know he cares about me alot and if it was his choice we'd be together in the same place haha =)

Oh ok lol! You scared me a little. I do understand what you mean and I can sympathize. My marine and I are getting married in July and we are only going to see each other for maybe 3-5 days (if we are lucky) between now and June.

Aww congrats!!! That's exiting!but those days in between will fly by I'm sure...wish my guy would pop the question haha

He will! :) don't worry!!! How long have you been together?

A year and almost 5 months =)

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