From Single To A Marine's Girl.

Well, I started to like this guy. His Name is Montana and he were just friends and I never knew things would get farther than friends. but we talked and then finally got together. He then told me that he was a Marine. Which didn't bother me and he told me he leaves July 15th. It feels like it's coming too fast and it's still six months away. I am really scared for that day to come. Any advice for me?
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

When he goes to bootcamp just write alot of letters they always look forward to it. And keep yourself busy so you won't feel lonely and stuff.

yeah, i'm looking forward to writing letters and stuff. I'm hopefully gonna have a lot to do while he's gone.

You'll be okay


Same thing that happened to me .

that's awesome!

Where's he going-on a deployment or what?

he is going to basic. but he was talking about after basic he is doing more that could last up to 6 months.

My boyfriend just left tues and I have been crying ! And I have been writing letters letting him know how my day has been going too keep myself busy and try not too get lonely and stuff it helps just get out with some friends and drive....down road