Going To Visit In March!!!!

Soooo it's all set up!Going to visit my marine in March!ahhh haven't seen him since Jan 3 which feels like forever after spending so much time with him on his post deployment leave. But I'll be going to NC for 4-5 days then he'll be coming home in May and August! I'm so excited I could scream!Ha for those of you who have a long distance relationship you can understand my excitement!ahhh it never gets any less amazing receiving that first hug after months without seeing them face to face. I still always get nervous right before I see him...wondering if my outfit looks okay or if my make up is messed up...even though I know that's the last thing on his mind when we see each other after being apart for so long. I still get butterflies in my tummy like I'm in elementary school again. Ahh the enjoy of loving a man in uniform. All the days apart seem like nothing once you're reunited with him again. It's almost as if you were never apart to begin with, like it was just some dream. But 64 daaaaaaaaaaaays!! =D <3
sp8113 sp8113
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013