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My fiancée is going into the military after high school and college, its weird but I'm trying to prepare myself for military life by reading books (maybe not a good idea) but I really want to talk to actual officer wives, particularly Army or Air Force (since they sometimes have different customs) and I was wondering what is expected of officer wives? What am I required to do being one? What is frowned upon? And anything else that might be helpful

Anything will be helpful, thank you so much :)
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First off you can't get the military experience out of a book... you just have to live it. Second, I wouldn't walk around with the attitude that you're an "officer's" wife... you won't make too many friends that way. The status of your husband should have no influence on how you act . . . There is nothing "expected" of you except to be loving and supportive and if you're living on base to be respectful, friendly and neighborly..

First of all I'm not going to wear my husbands rank i know people that do that and im not like that. he told me that im going to be the officer wife that acts like an enlist's (what that means? Not sure) and second I was just asking for pointers because people have told me that being an officer's wife means to have to act different so I was just asking. Sorry it sounded so rude and sorry you felt the need to call me out.

By the way, I'm very good at making friends and I don't have that attitude at all.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to call you out or sound mean, it was more of a heads up... and don't listen to anyone that tells you that you have to act a certain way...we are all just regular people.

Ok sorry I kinda snapped as well, I'm just kinda scared. And I don't know what to expect, I didn't grow up in a military family, he did so I'm really just trying to wrong what to expect

It's okay and I was dumb and didn't re-read what I wrote ..after I did I realized it sounded a bit bi*tchy (trying to get around the swearing thing lol). I didn't grow up in a military family either but everyone is really nice and I am really close with the guys he works with and through them I've met their girlfriends and wives and they are great too.

Thank you so much :) that does help alot

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Umm im not an "officer" wife but im pretty sure your not required to do anything but be a wife....thats pretty much it.