Is This Crazy?

So my boyfriend (19) and I (16) grew up together. We were best friends until he moved out of our neighborhood, probably around 6th grade. We didn't talk at all throughout middle school, and I saw him in the halls in high school. But I never talked to him, I didn't want to be annoying as he was a Junior, and I was a freshman. Well, a lot went bad for him his junior year. He got taken from his parents, and then his mom passed away. His dad ran out on him, they haven't spoken in two years. He ran away from his foster family, and got in contact with my mom. She helped him get his life on back on track. Well, after he graduated he went into the Army. He was gone for 7 weeks at basic training, and then came home for two weeks for Christmas. He came to visit my mom the day he got back, and I happened to be there. We started talking again, like old times. After two days, we were together, and completely inseparable. We spent the entire two weeks together, from 8 am to 1 am or so almost every day. He went back to finish his basic training, he'll be gone until March. But i've made the commit to him that I will be here when he gets back. No matter what, I wont leave him, I wont hurt him. Staying faithful isn't the problem, everyone else is the problem. Everyone is so negative (expect my parents, they are very supportive). My friends are annoyed that we're moving so fast. And he doesn't have the best reputation with girls, he's broken a few hearts. but I really believe the military is changing him. I don't think he's going to hurt me. The real question is, now he's talking about marriage. He wants to get married as soon as I graduate (May, 2014) I know it seems fast, but he wants to get me out of this small town, he knows I want out more than anything. And if we're married, I can stay on base with him whenever he gets out of basic training. Is it crazy to think this could work? We've only been "dating" for three weeks. And the idea of being married at 18, seems insane. I just want some unbiased opinions.
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Military relationships in general are pretty crazy. It's not like a normal relationship, where you have tons of time to spend together. So its easy to rush into things. Your friends probably just don't understand that. Don't worry about anything but your own happiness and your own well-being. It's not like you have to marry him right now, you still have some time to think :) But over time, just think about what's going to be best for you. Think about what you want for your future. Don't sacrifice your own dreams to marry him. When it gets closer to that time, if you truly feel rushed, don't be afraid to tell him! You might find that you need more time, or you might feel entirely ready to marry him and to adapt to that lifestyle. Just wait and see how you feel, you don't need to decide now. I know it can be confusing and overwhelming. I'm 19, and my boyfriend is in the army, too. Whenever he mentions marriage it brings on so many emotions, because it seems pretty crazy when you're young, especially because of the army part. But you have to do whatever feels right for you. :)

I'm 16 too, dating a 18 year old, going on 19 in a few day. He's in the Marines bootcamp right now. We've been dating for about 3 months or so, we spent everyday together for a month maybe more. It's a struggle being away from him, and no one supports us either, not even his family or mine. They think it's ridiculous, i don't PLAN (who knows maybe we will eventually) on marrying him. I honestly don't even love him and i'm okay with saying that because neither of us love each other! Dont rush into anything, epescially marraige!!!!!! It's okay to wait or say no. Don't hide your feelings when it comes to this stuff if you feel its moving to fast tell him, i told mine he apologized and stopped dicussing so far into the future about us. because nobody knows what the future holds. make sure you're truely in love & feel you can handle him being gone & moving all the time. if you want to talk im here! our stories are so similar we could help each other out!

Is it hard waiting on someone you don't love? I feel nothing but good can come out of our relationship, no matter what happens. He's already changed my life so much, for the better and he wants nothing but us to be happy. and same goes for you! I'm always looking for someone who knows what i'm going through to talk to.

It is kinda hard, but everyday I fall for him more and more. Sometimes I wonder why I'm waiting since I don't love him but i feel such a strong connection with him that i really don't want to lose him!! I've never been the kind of girl friend to buy random sweet gifts for the boy, yet with him bought him a NorthFace & I plan on specially ordering these things online. But I kind of don't want to order the things because him and I just started dating right before he left! So im pretty stuck lol but ya i'd love to message you and talk more! Someone FINALLY my age on here!!

Dont think about it being to soon because in reality may 2014 isnt that close! so much can happen in that time so just live it 1 day at a time and work on your relationship people get married after knowing eachother 2 months , three years, 2 days its just something you know/feel is right!