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I've been feeling really down lately, missing my man a lot. He hasn't been gone all that long, and in some ways, I guess that I am kind of lucky that I have been without him less than some other people, if that makes sense...It is just so hard to go from being with someone all the time, everyday and then having them completely removed from my life. Some of my roommates have noticed that I have been down, and they try to offer advice, but at the same time, they do not really understand and when I try to talk to them about specifics, they look at me like I have three heads (military is its own language as I am sure all of you know).

I go to check the mail box everyday trying to remain hopeful, but I just end up disappointed. But the next day I go back to check again with the same hope just in case something might be there. I just want to hear from him so I know that everything is alright and that he still loves me and misses me as much as I miss him. I just want to know that I am not alone in this, being that he is one half of this relationship, I am feeling very lonely, and really sad...

I guess what I am looking for is maybe some encouragement. It is so hard to stay strong when my main support system is not hear to support me. I am trying to stay busy by going to the gym everyday, reading, doing homework, trying to stay social and things like hat, but no matter what I do, nothing seems to work, and I just feel hopeless. :/
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Don't worry your not alone, i'm going through the exact same thing. I totally understand you, my baby is off in the Marines and I haven't received anything. His mother has, and I understand that. Im not going to lie i was very mad and disappointed he didn't write to me. In the letter he addressed to his mom he put that he was going to write to me next week. I did the exact same thing as you. I would check the mail and when i found out he had written to his mom i even called to post office to check what time they were coming by my neighborhood. I was heartbroken when his mom told me what he wrote, but at the same time i was happy to know he was safe and ok. Just maintain yourself strong, my baby hasn't been gone for a long time either. I miss him like crazy, I can't tell you t go out and have fun bc i couldn't even do that. I would just isolate myself, listening to our song, our pics and videos, and messages, and everything i had of him.
All I can tell you is your not alone trust me! Here you'll see there's many stories related here to yours. Just keep your head high, and be strong. Maintain yourself busy with family, church that has really helped me out a lot.

thanks girl! since I posted this, I got a phone call and a letter, both were short, but I am so happy that I at least got something! It was exactly what I needed to help me get through, being at school is hard and I couldn't even go out because I would be too afraid to miss one of his calls! I just love him so much, he is amazing<3

Awww i'm glad for you!
As a matter of fact today i received his letter, and i was over whelmed with joy!I know exactly how you feel. I have kept my phone on ringtone just so i don't miss out on anything!

same, I changed the ringtone for him too so its diffferent from everyone elses so I'd know the second I heard it haha

Haha that's smart, i'm going to do that whenever i get those digits ;)

yeah, I nearly hyperventilated when I heard the ringtone, I was so excited! haha

Hahaha that's great!


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