First Call! :)

I got my first call from my soldier tonight! I was so happy that I was crying. He was being timed and only had 30 seconds but I am so happy that I at least got something. He told me that he would call as soon as he got another chance to call and that he loved me and that he was okay. It was just what I needed to get through this next week! <3 I don't have his address yet, but maybe that will come soon! Let's hope! :)
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That's awesome that he called you!
Is he in boot camp?

thanks and yes he is lol he got in on the 7th so its still kinda new

Where is his bootcamp at?Mine is in bootcamp too!

fort benning! what about yours?

Parris Island!!


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Congrats to you! I am hoping for a call tomorrow! I don't care if it is only 20 seconds! I just need to hear those exact words! Crossing my fingers

exactly! and he said that he missed the call that they were supposed to get the next week, idk how, but he did some how lol

Lol I got my first call last sunday! it was 9 minutes! And then I got a letter the day after! And his second call is suppose to be on Saturday. It does help so much just to be able to hear them say they are ok!

thats so great for you! I hope that the next call I get is longer than at least a minute hahaha and i got another letter today and it was the longest one that I have gotten so far :) In the first two he was just talking about what he was doing and stuff like that which was good because I wanted to know but in the one i got today he was asking about me and stuff like that, I think he is realizing how much I really do for him and that kind of stuff

I got a longggg letter today as well! two letters in one week AND a call! whew!

CONGRATS! thats so awesome! letters are the best! :) especially calls!

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