Seriously, Stop It!

Okay, I'm on several pages on Facebook for military spouses where we can all go and have a laugh together, and to support and encourage each other while our hubby's are deployed, etc. and also on several military spouse groups on here, & I NEED to get this out. Say what you will, bash me if you want, personally I don't care and it won't bother me.. this mostly applies to the LADIES out there because generally men don't do this because they have a little bit of common sense.. So, here goes. As a military girlfriend, fiancee, wife, whatever.. YOU DO NOT HAVE A RANK!!!!!! Please please pleaseeeeeeeee STOP saying "Oh, honey you got promoted, I'm so proud of you.. what rank are 'WE'?" "WE" aren't any rank.. HE has a rank. YOU DO NOT! YOU did not earn that rank. YOU did not get promoted. YOU did not work for that rank! You didn't go to war, you didn't fight for your country, you didn't stand on the front line, you didn't get shot at, you didn't do ANYTHING to deserve that rank! DO NOT WEAR IT! "Y'ALL" aren't an E-6. HE IS! Also, please STOP whining and complaining. YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE! You knew what you were getting yourself into. Suck that **** up and deal with it. STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF, GET OUT OF BED, and continue on with your life. He WANTS you to do that. I understand the first few weeks of deployment are rough especially if its your first time, BUT, him knowing you're so depressed that you won't even get out of bed will NOT make things any easier for him! God forbid anything happens to him while he's over-seas but if it does are you going to stay in bed for the rest of your life?! HELL NO! He will take pride in knowing that you can get your *** up and carry on with your life and take care of yourself while he's gone. THAT will make him love you even more, NOT you complaining and crying all the time refusing to get out of the bed. GET REAL HONEY! Get up and do what you gotta do. Get a job. Hang out with friends. Have some fun. If you can't do that, then you aren't cut out for this life. Seriously. Oh and by the way being a military spouse is NOT the hardest job in the military because YOU are not in the military. GET OVER YOURSELF, GET OVER IT, AND CARRY ON. Adapt and overcome, remember?! HOOAH!
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The Hooah at the end... love it.... I completely agree 100 and 50 ******* %.

LOL Thank you!!!! This is so true. Its not a competition how long your man has been away for either. "Oh your man just left a month ago? Mine has been gone for 15 weeks" okay? And you're better than I am because why? "oh your just a girlfriend? Good luck lol" really? So what were you first to become a wife? A girlfriend lol. People are so ignorant. Why can't they just come together and support eachother. Its not about us anyway its about Them.

Amen girl! Tell it like it is!

Lol I don't know why these matters bother me so much but they do!

i believe that its.ok to be a little emotional but after a whilr its like ok suck it up lol cause u make it harder on him. and the only thing hard abt being a "military s/o" is missing him or worrying when he is deployed. somethibg ANY girl would struggle with it isnt a job lol

THANK YOU! it honestly makes me laugh when girls play the pity party, like what makes you any different than the rest of us? we go through the same darn thing! then they get mad when you tell them to suck it up. and they're like you just don't understand.......... ummmm.. what? ha.

I agree! My bf is an officer and I've heard that I shouldn't talk to enlisted gfs and wives but I strongly disagree. I think we're all in this together and I'm not going to pretend like I'm above anyone for my mans position in the military.

I agree with you, CarrieLarson24! Enlisted or Officer spouses shouldn\'t be against hanging out with each other. I could care less what your spouses rank is.. if you\'re a cool person, drama free and easy going.. why not hang out? lol :) There are some bad people (the scandalous ones) who will spoil any good friendship/relationship regardless of their spouse\'s rank.. haha :p We should stick together if we can.. because the military is a lifestyle that not everyone understands, regardless of their time in service. Things are always changing and why not stick together to make things easier.. not harder.. for each other, ya know? ;)

This cracks me up, and i couldn't agree with you more! I met my husband when we were both stationed in Korea. Got married and had kids. I eventually got out, He finally retired a few years ago, and yes there is a 11 year gap in age. but anyway after i got out i had some wives pull this crap with me, not only did i slam them and thier stupidity i did it as lound and very publicly as i could, normal places, walmart, PX/BX, i didn't hold anything back. Well while i was on a rant this lady wa;ks up and says i'm COL so inso's wife and what your doing is very degrading, i looked at her straight in the eye and at the top of my poor lungs Oh nise to meet you Ms. so in so, are you in the army too?? of course she said no, and contiued with the my husband is blah blah blah, i really didn't care, but the moment she paused i continued my rant on the both of them, and ended with I'm an E4 my husband is an E6 so if your your husbands rank then i am an E10 and i out rank both of your butts so shut the heck up and get the heck out of my way. Not only did that shut them up, but one of them actually got on the phone and asked if there was such a thing as a E10! OMG i was laughing so hard.

LOLOLOL! TOO funny! Thanks for the laugh! :)

Hahahah that's hilarious!

I love ur discussion.Love and unity is very important in any family.As a Military wives cooperate with ur husband in planning well for future needs and wants.Use wisdom both in achieving ur goal to d higher level of ladder of success. ''A word is enough for the wise'' Thanks!

Thank you, & you're welcome! :)

Honestly, THANK YOU for this!! You literally just said everything I was thinking about the whole rank/ everything you said lol.... You know what drives me even crazier?!?! When someone has their JOB listed on their facebook profile as "marine/navy/army/air force wife" .... THAT'S NOT A JOB. You don't see non-military people saying "doctor's wife/husband" or "teacher's wife/husband"... want to know why... because that's not a job, it's a relationship status. Honestly I'm super proud of my husband and all... but it's just a JOB... it's really not a big deal! He's just as proud of me for my college/soccer stuff ... but you don't see him listing his job as " division 1 soccer pla<x>yer's husband" .... (I'm not trying to brag I'm just trying to show how foolish it looks...) Whew sorry for that rant lol

Lol. I know how you feel. I, too, am looking into college at the moment, but my JOB is at a grocery store! I felt the need to post this because TONS of girls are like "oh I'm a military spouse.. blah blah blah." Well, obviously you're a VERY uneducated one because if you were half the "military spouse" you claim to be you'd know this stuff! I saw a post on Facebook and this girl was like "I'm so mad, my boyfriend's ex still has his dog tags and won't give them back and it's making him mad because he wants to give them to me. Is there anybody I can contact that will MAKE her give them back?" REALLY?! Are you kidding me? Yeah, go ahead and contact whoever, which will in turn get HIM in trouble... hundreds of "military spouses" commented on there and were like that's messed up I'm so sorry.... and giving her information and people to call about it. And it KILLS me because if ANY of them had ANY knowledge like they claim they do they'd know that NEITHER of them were supposed to have his tags..... people kill me lol.

Lol! I know!! I hate how they think they are better or are entitled because they are a "military" s/o and not just a plain ol' regular "civilian" s/o ... Which is kind of funny because newsflash... you ARE a CIVILIAN s/o .. because guess what?? YOU'RE A CIVILIAN... just because your s/o is in the military doesn't mean YOU are in the military! I was actually laughing about this with my husband and he always laughs at the wives/gfs that do that crap... Sometimes I feel as though they need to get their own dang lives... and stop mooching off of their s/o's ... lol I only look at those pages because sometimes I have a legitimate question that they usually have the answer posted somewhere within the page.. I just need to scroll through the crap to get there lol

Yeah it's pretty sad that some people give themselves such a high "title" I guess you'd call it because their s/o is in the military... so? YOU aren't in the military, what he does doesn't affect your "title" at all except make you look stupid because you feel you have some sense of entitlement.