Long Distance Trust?

So my fiancé is stationed over 1,000 miles from me and is having trust issues with me and won't even admit it. He just told md to not cheat on him. Well duh, we're engaged and I love him. So anyone ever had this happen and could help me? Maybe?
GeorgiaGirl14 GeorgiaGirl14 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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been there done that atleast 3 times since we've been together. once in basic and twice once he moved to a different base. has a lot to do with the guys around him getting "dear john" letters and the dvorces going on around them. it freaks them out and they over react A LOT!! just calmly talking things through. dont let it phase you and always stay positive! good luck

Totally my husband always does that, he did it with his first letter when he went into basic and from then on. You gotta remember he has a lot of people whispering into his ear about what 'you' are doing. It drove me nuts, a bunch of guys were telling my husband I was probably cheating on him because he hadn't gotten any of my letters yet. So frustrating!! All you can do is be faithful and try and reassure him that you love him and only him. Tell him how much you miss him, how awesome it'll be to see him, and maybe how sexy he is ;) And if you have any guy friends are extremely funny maybe not talk about them 'that' much. Don't omit you hanging with them but maybe downplay their awesomeness in comparison to his lol. The sucky thing is military guys get screwed over by their girls all the time, and guys dread the 'dear john' while they're deployed, just tell him you love him a lot and try and be understanding.