Ahhh He Melts My Heart (=

Well Robby and I haven't seen eachother for almost a month now but a month is a whole lot easier than 7months apart while he was deployed in Afghanistan. But annyway!I'm soooo excited to have a countdown!I'll be going to NC in 39 days!! For an entire week with my baby! I can't wait to meet a couple guys he went through deployment with and know who had his back while he was over there. I'm also sooo excited to get to wake up next to him!And last night we had a VERY serious conversation!We discussed marriage!ahh with him being 25 I shouldn't be surprise but if you knew him you would be too!He told me he's thought about it and to hear that seriously melted my heart!I would marry this kid in a heart beat!I would pack up my life in Iowa and move to NC to be with him every day.He just reenlisted so we'll be going through four more years of the marines and maybe even more if he decides he wants to make this his career. Whatever he wants to do I'll support him 100% because when you love someone you'll do whatever for that person. I'm not saying the last year and a half has been easy because it hasn't but you learn to cherish those few weeks you have after being months apart. I've learned to be strong when I feel weak and I can honestly say all of it is worth it. All the nights of crying because you miss him so much, all those days of not being able to talk,those stupid arguements you have, all those moments you don't get to have together, they all are worth it. They all become worth it when you see your man for the first time after a period of time and that first kiss makes everything disappear. I would never walk away from this man by choice...this love is real and I can't help but want to never let it go.
sp8113 sp8113
18-21, F
Jan 30, 2013