Has anyone else been feeling like it's just been extra hard lately? These last few days have just been really hard for me. I've been missing my boyfriend. He's at basic and graduates on the 22nd of March so we don't have that much longer apart but it has just been really hard these past few days for some reason. Anyone else?
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what FLT is he in?

My boyfriend graduated his Marine Basic Training on the 1st of Feb, he came out very different. He was super serious about everything (so just beware) although, he did gradualy change back to himself the 17 days he was home :) he's gone again for Feild training for another month, then off to Tech School for two months. He's only a state below me but I miss he so much. I know exactly how you feel, some days seem worse than others. Just stay strong, you're one day closer to seeing him <3 and cherish him when he's back home!!! Remind him how much you've missed him, how true you are to him, and all those mushy things. He'll love it, mine did it made him so much more confident leaving knowing i'm STILL here loyal and waiting for him. :) you'll be fine, just take it one day at a time if you ever want to talk i'm here !!! I love messaging people and expressing everything since none of my friends understand :/ they all think i'm crazy to stay with him

Thank you so much! This really helped. And I definitely understand about the friends thing because mine don't understand either lol

I am with you girl. I have been feeling the same way! And my boyfriend graduates march 22nd too! :D

Yay!! Good luck and thanks! :)