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My boyfriend left for basic training about 3 weeks ago and I'm starting to feel depressed.. I miss him so much. I am trying my best to stay busy and keep my mind off of things but nothing is helping.
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Hey, girl! My soldier graduated last week. Basic is tough, believe me. But it's doable. Don't give up, ya know? The time will go by, and he will get phone calls occasionally. It's totally worth sticking out. If you have his address, then by all means write him! (Sometimes they don't even get an address till about three weeks in anyway, so don't feel forgotten if you haven't gotten anything yet). Believe me, your solider probably misses you just as much or more than you miss him. Write him letters -- even if you can't mail them yet. It helps to put into words what you're feeling -- telling him the little things about your day and such. Best way for me to deal with my soldier's absence.
So anyways, Basic is hard on the citizen-front, but it is liveable. Review why you like this guy so much and work hard at being the woman he knows you are. Keep your head up - graduation day will be here before you know it. :)

I know what you mean my boyfriend left 3 weeks ago to BMT too and its extremely hard but just remember that everyday that passes your one day closer to seeing him again and just try to keep a positive mind set. lets just hope Things get Easier

I know how you feel . My boyfriend left six weeks ago and I still can't seem to find the right thing to distract me ! All we really have left to do is miss them and count down the days to see them again . Stay strong girl ! He needs your support . I know it hard but at the end it's worth it ! Just think of the day you'll meet with him again ! Stay strong !

It's really difficult.. but Im trying for him! I really am. I also have a countdown on my phone haha!

That makes two of us ! Ha ! Most people would think itsweird but if only they knew how much better it makes us feel when there's one less day ! Haa but keep it up he wants you to be strong for him caus you being strong only makes him stronger ! Is your boyfriend in the army marines navy or Air Force ?

He's in the army. He actually plans to retire from I have a long 25 years ahead of me lol..

Oh I'm sure you'll get through it tho (: mine is in the marines . But my sisters husband is in the army as well. Good luck girl .

Well that's cool. But thank you :)

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