Me and my boyfriend are a pretty young couple. Have been in a serious relationship with him. He recently left last week for basic. I miss saying goodnight to him and falling asleep in his arms. I basically miss EVERYTHING! I want nothing more than to hear from him right now and time to go by so I can see him.
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Yeah, I know the whole young couple thing... People only doubted us. Didn't think we could make it or even try! People would always say 'Why stay with him? You're so young! You hVe your whole life ahead of you!' I just ignored them and listened to the encouraging friends and family. My boyfriend is now in the sixth week of bmt.
At first him leaving was the worst thing ever, I cried every night. But then I threw myself into my work and hanging out with friends and family. I just stayed busy and I wrote him ALOT. Writing the letters made me feel like I was actually talking to him. :) now, it's 15 days until I see him! I've gotten 7 letters 1 card and 3 phone calls. I cherish them all!
The hardest part is the first 2-3 weeks. It gets better!!! :) Just keep telling yourself that it's only temporary. :) Stay Strong!!

Thanks so much! Still in the first week and still crying every night. Ha! Sent my first letter yesterday and I'm so anxious to hear from him.

Just remember right now, you're what is keeping him going. You're his rock!! :) that's pretty awesome!!

Omg my boyfriend left last week too! Are you going to his graduation?

I'm trying to but right now no because I don't have the money. Where did your man get shipped off to for basic?

He's in South Carolina. I'm working extra hours to be able to go cuz I'm broke too. Can't wait to see him <3 <3 <3

Smart idea!! I'm hoping ill be able too.

Where's your's?

In Texas and then leaving to Arkansas for flight school.

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