Hi everyone,
So I'm really struggling here and I am hoping this site can help. I met my soulmate about 4 months ago. I knew he was in the army and had served in Afghanistan twice, but really didn't have that much ptsd. Anyway, we fell in love. He has had several girlfriends, but I was his first for a lot of things. He has mentioned several times that I am the one for him and that he loves me. However, he went on a clandestine/training mission or something two weeks ago and I didn't hear anything from him. We have already stayed together through a month long training or something like that. So when he did call he was extremely upset and explained that he had been in six countries in two weeks, someone had died, and that they were going to deploy him again.
It was a very emotional phone call. He said that we needed to breakup because he didn't want to drag me through all of this with him. That it could be a year and he didn't want me to wait. I of course told him that what we have is too important and that I would wait for him. We ended the phone call with I love you on both sides. Then he got mad at me for telling his best friend that I was worried about him because he sounded so depressed on the phone. At that point he officially broke up with me and said I couldn't wait around for him. That everything that he was having a hard time and that I should just forget about him. He said that we could never get back together.
I don't want to nag him or make him be with me if he doesn't want to be, but I know that he still loves me and I feel like he is pushing me away to protect me. I also really want to be there for him because I know he is scared to go back and doesn't feel like he will make it home alive. Any advices would be appreciated. I love him and I don't want to let his military service end a great relationship. Thanks!
skwoods skwoods
26-30, F
Aug 17, 2014