My husband and I have been in Germany for about 4 months. We have these two dogs. And I hate to say it but they make me miserable. They **** and **** in my sons room and my room and just about everywhere. We cannot keep up with two dogs and my 2 year old and one on the way. My son has even slipped and fallen in my older dogs ****. I want to get rid of them. When they **** I basically go into an outrage and scream and yell because I cannot handle this life. I cannot clean up after two dogs and I barely have time to take them out. I just want to focus on my son and the one on the way but I am basically being forced to keep these animals. My husband doesn't care when I am crying while cleaning up dog ****. He's so selfish. And at this point I'm ready to go home. I have even threatened to go home and he says that's okay Lyam can stay here. He's a ****** and I am on the verge of just saying **** it and leaving him. BECAUSE OF DOGS. Just thought I'd vent.
breannemichaela breannemichaela
22-25, F
Aug 31, 2014