Hey Ya'll

if your a young military girlfriend or wife or fiance of a military join this experience because i beleive everyone needs someone there for them and i wanna make a group of people that will do that. i know i will need all yall when my baby deploys. so talk to me and share your stories and problems iam here =] and so is everyone else. dont matter if he is a army man, marine, airforce, navy, anything. we are here.

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Hey Ladies! I'm Katie and I'm 21, my finace is in the navy , if ya'll need any advice. ill try my best to help!

hello my name is Arielle.<br />
i am engaged to a soldier and he will be deploying in september to afganistan.<br />
i am 17 years old and will be 18 on november 11th.<br />
my fiance is 18 and will be 19 april 23rd.<br />
my fiance is currently stationed in ft riley kansas and is doing deployment training,<br />
i am scared and nervous about his depoyment but i just think positive.<br />
meeting him was the best thing that has ever happend to me. i wouldnt trade him for the world.<br />
i think this group is a good idea because ive been looking for people to talk to about how i feel but no one knows how it feels to be with someone in the military and no one knows the pain from him being gone but i finally found a place were everyone knows wat im feeling and a place were i can get good advice.<br />
and also if you need someone to talk to i am here :)

Hello my name is Brianna Gillaspie. I am married to a sailor and right now he isn't deployed. If you have any questions or need a friend feel free to add me :) I am 20 years old right now and I will be 21 this october 8th. My husband is 21 going on 22 the 29th of this month lol. Welcome to the military family! :)

i'm 17 and in the us army reserve and my boyfriend is 18 and in the us army active duty. he left a week ago for basic training and i miss him so much. i got my 1st phone call yesterday and i was so excited. i didnt realize how much i really missed him. i'm here to halp anyone who needs it :)

Hey! My name is Rachel and I am 17. My Sailor is currently in San Antonio texas. I miss him so much it isn't even funny. But if you need anyone to talk to I am here, just message me! I think this group is a great idea! i finally found people who understand what I feel.

Hi I'm 17 my boyfriend left for the national guard January 2nd I'm starting to get really sad lol it's only been 4 days..how long will it take for him to write me :( I miss him

I'm Alex and I'm 18. I've been with my fiance for almost 6 months. He's a Marine and currently at MCT. He'll be coming home on Monday:) If anyone needs to talk I'm here

Hey im maggie im 18 and my fiance is in the army, he is stationed in Italy right now. <br />
i joined this group to talk to people who can relate to what im going through.

Heyy im Abi im 17 and my boyriend is 19 and in the marines and its hard to get support form people who dont understand what we all r oing through i think a group is a great idea

Hi i am ani I am 18 years old my boyfriend is currently deployed inbox me anytime anyone : )

I'm 18 and engaged to a soldier who is currently deployed in afghanistan</3 If anybody wants to talk/complain/cry about anything with me then message me lol:)


im Jes and im 20. My fiance is at army basic training at ft Leonard Wood. Anyone else have boys there??

hello im arielle. my fiance was in fort leonard wood for basic also.
wats ur fiance's name?
maybe they know eachother

im liz and im 17and my boyfriend is in chicago then goes to texas.. i miss him so much and its so hard but its worth being with him in the end <3

im 17, my boy just left a week ago to san diego. i miss him sooo much, i was doing fine all weekk until today i just had a random break down and started crying cuz i was stresses about other things and i jsut wish he was here so i can talk to him in person, anyyyyy advice would be great :)

Hey I'm Tiffany.!! I'm 18.. My Fiance is In Iraq right now.!! He is a marine.! I'm here for you ever wanna talk..!! cauz your right everyone needs people to talk to..and you can never have to many.!!<br />

hey im arielle =] and im 19. im the girlfriend of a marine, and im here to give support to anyone who needs it !

hey im erika . my soldier left a week ago to fort benning georgia! im 18 years old :) someone talk to me please im in the downer mood i miss him :(

Hi my names jamie and im 19.<br />
Victoria you are going threw the same exact thing as me right now...and our boyfriends are even at the same place for basic training. Message me if you want to talk:)

hi, i am 17 and my boyfriend is currently at fort jackson in basic training... and i miss him more than anything... any advice? please....

Hey girl<br />
<br />
Im a Finace of a Marine who is deplyed right now. I joined this site to talk to other military girlfriends, fiance, and wives..<br />
<br />
If you have any questions, Ill be more than happy to answer them.. :)