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so me and matt have been together for almost a year and this whole him being away at basic has made me realize that he's the one and i think he thinks that too! im only 19 (turn 20 in january) and he'll be 21 in december. but we love each other so much more than words can say and our whole relationship is based on God! and i want to marry him! not anytime soon or anything but in a couple of years...what do ya'll think? my family wants me to wait until im at least 25 or 26 but i know what i want and what God wants from us!

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Do what you feel is best. It will be your wedding, your marriage, and your life! Your family is only looking at the logical point of view, trying to do what is best for you, as they should. I know plenty of marriages that started off young, that have made it... and marriages where they should have been at a "mature" age that didn't make it. If you are wanting this for the right reasons I could not see why not. I would however suggest to wait till after his AIT to really start thinking seriously about it (unless he has the AIT and Basic together, but thats a different story lolol). How much you miss him, and want to be with him might be clouding your judgement when it comes to this decision. If you still want to, even after he comes back for leave etc... then I would say go for it! I know a lot of couples that got married just so they could have housing together on the ba<x>se, making their relationship easier (being together)... but it did not work out. If you would marry him, even if you could be with him constantly without the marriage! The I say YAY! Go ahead :-). It is in the end though your decision :-) (sorry long winded :-) these sort of things get me really excited lol)

sweetie do what you want bc at the end of the day its your life. me and my husband have been married for a couple months now and we are both 19. im really happy where we are at. age doesnt matter. if you love the guy then do it.

beautiful! so happy for you:)<br />
praying for you! <br />
& thanks for sharing

Hey! I'm Serena and I'm 19. My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now. We've talked about marriage before and marriage is a huge step in your life. I think it's awesome you guys are so into eachother. :) And with being apart, no matter what amount of time, it definitely makes you realize what you want. What I think we're gonna do is if anything, get engaged and live together for a year or 2 more and then start planning a wedding. That's just us though. Lol I think theres nothing wrong with getting married cause if you know you love someone who's to judge you on your age. Good luck with everything girl :)

I was thinking about this too, because my boyfriend of 2 years is in basic training right now. I thought that if he asked to marry me, i would say yes on the condition that i finish college before we get married- i think that it would benefit us both because if we both had good jobs, raising a family would be so much easier and i wouldnt want getting married to get in the way of something like that. when he asks to marry, there is always the fiance stage... maybe you can spend a little longer there !

Hey Im Tiffany..im 18 and my marine is 19 and we are getting married in January.!! love has no age limit.!! many people have tried to stop us and tell us where to younge..but they dont know that I know he is the only one for me and He tells me all the time im the only one for him...only you two know how you fell about eachother and thats all that matters.! =)<br />

hi, i am only 18 (19 in march) and my boyfriend is 19( 20 in april) and we have been dating for about 8 months. we are planning on getting married next august (2010). he is currently in washington dc and i in california. all of our parents think that we should wait and see if we really want to get married in a few years. but we know it is the right choice for us and i dont think age matters. we both want this and have told our families that we want them to support us, but if they dont it wont matter because we are still going to get married. i know my parents are worried i wont finish college, and will get pregnant right away. i am sure all parents worry about this, but we have talked about it, and decided that i will finish school, and we will wait to have kids. i think that if you are in love, and it is a committed and strong relationship, you should do what you think is right. follow your gut, and dont let anyone tell you how to live your life.

i really appreciate your honesty! yea its gonna be hard but luckily he's reserve so hopefully that'll make it easier. but thank you!

hi! If you truly love him and he loves you age will not matter. Just made sure you are both marring for the same reason. Me and my husband has been married for 5 months and some wheres between him being shipped out and my having major knee surgery it changed. Our relationship was moved really fast being we just made a year in may and we were married in Feb. but we knew each other for friends before we just werent close. <br />
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But back to the topic lol he was 19 and so was i and i loved him more than anything. i will tell you the seperation will make it hard and military relationships are nothing like civilian ones same with marriage we have way more to deal with and alot to do on our own. You dont always have your husband home, military is your family, and if you have kids when hes away you will play both roles in the house hold. Just make sure you are both ready for this and ready to deal with it all. Make sure he has nothing else making him want to be married (i recently found out the reason my husband moved our wedding up [from june 2010 to feb 09 (we eloped)] was for the money hed be making, which i never saw a cent of)<br />
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I would hate for you to be in my shoes getting a divorce. i believe military relatinships do work and all it takes is both to give not just take. So best of luck girly! I hope you get your fairytale even if i didn't i want every military chick to be given their fairytale!

thank you so much for all your help! i really appreciate it!

me and my husband just got married in march and this seperation has only made things stronger also and i am only nineteen its honestly the best thing i have ever done i am so happy with him and if God is youre building block youre gonna be good to go good luck

thank you! i agree!

thank you so much for your advice! it gives me hope! lol

HI.<br />
I think that if you both Love each other then it does not matter what age you get married. Everyone one falls in love someday. Im 19 and my husband is 20 he was deployed to Iraq, and out families tried to make us wait, but I disagreed and Im happy I did and I dont regret it at all. Me and my husband have been talking since my 10th grade year and now this is my second year in college. I think you should do what you feel is right.