Missing someone

have you got physically exhausted from missing someone so much?? my fiance is stationed in Germany, he has been away for 4 months, and sitll won't be home for another 2. He's been out in the field training and everyday i wonder how he is, and if he's okay. it gets hard when i go weeks on end with out talking to him. he'll be home on my 15 for two weeks, talk about going to be the best two weeks of my life we're getting married the 21st of may! the only bad thing is out of all this, after our 2 weeks are up he's going to Afghanistan. which worries me so much.. if i think him being out in the field is hard, i'm just imagining how hard it really is going to be when he deploys. our first year being married he'll be gone for it.. kinda sucks, but that's what you get for loving a military man (: my fiance means everything to me and this military life isn't easy, but i wouldn't trade  anything in the world for it. when i think about everything i cry, but i know that i need to keep my head up for him cause that's what he would want me to do. everyday i miss him even more, but i know that i'm a day closer to seeing him, which is awesome!!!! i can't wait to see what our future has for us. (: i love my infantry man!!!

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hey i live in germany and i saw the ba<x>se in germany and i bet a lot of girls with soldierboyfriends did :) there is nothing bad going on out in the field. they are safe there. they are just learning all the weapons and stuff. my boyfriend is in afghanistan right now and he told me he and his group they have to walk the streets first before everyone else can and they have to check the streets and the sides for bombs. im worrying a lot because of that. but he has chosen to do it and i believe in him and i know he is good in what he is doing :)<br />
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i have you and him in my prayers :)

congrats on everyything and keep staying strong and keep your head up!! :)<br />
how old were you guys whn you got married??

Hello I just wanted to say that i will keep you and your fiance in my prayers. My fiance is about to go to basic at fort benning for infantry and i dont know what to expect but whatever it is i know that me and him will be stronge as long as we have eachother and the Lord. So just keep that in mind on your harder days, if you ever want to talk message me.

hey girl we all have b.f's, fiances, or husbands from all over that are either in bct ait or deployed we all go through the same feelings no matter where our men are. my man is doing ait and will be home in sept. he did his bct at fort jackson. it is rough, and lonely but thats what we are here for we can all relate and we are all willing to listen and give our advice dont ever hesitate to ask a question or jsut message someone and vent im always here if ya need me feel free to drop me a message anytime hang in there girl ull be ok xoxo<br />

My boyfriend left for Basic on June 23rd so im going threw the same thing too. i got my first letter a few days ago... it literally made my day. i got my first phone call from him yesterday which was after 21 days. ive been writting him a letter everyday. its very hard! where is your boyfriend at for basic?