This Is To All You Girls

I'm the girl standing behind you at the grocery store eyeing the latest support our troops magnet while flipping through the pages of Cosmo. the look on her face is complacent, and her thoughts are thousands of miles away . on some military base she's only been describe to threw the telephone I am the young girl in the car next to you with the windows rolled down and tears in her eyes , because the local radio station decided to play "letters from home "I am the girl who visits the Marine corps website at odd hours of the night, to find some kind of comfort for that lonesome feeling in the pit of her stomach I'm the girl who will willingly sacrifice her family and friends to follow a man clear across the country I'm the young woman who swells with pride every time she sees her Marine standing tall in his dress blues I'm the girl who spots a marine corps sticker, flag or license plate and feels a deep connection to its owner. I'm the woman who try her hardest to go about her normal day without missing him too much.
I am a united states marine corps girlfriend.

For all you who wake up in the morning, lay there for a few moments, as you wonder where your marine is and what he is doing, for all you who start the count down from the moment he leaves to the moment he is back in your loving arms. for all you who see Marine corps billboards, ads in the paper, or commercials on TV and next notice tears rolling down your cheeks, for ALL the times we sleep without phones on the loudest possible volume waiting for a call that might come in, for all the time we roll our eyes at the girls who complain because they haven't seen their man in a whole week, for every time we hears our marines name mentioned out loud, and are momentarily frozen in the last time you held each other. we may feel weak inside but on the outside we are strong. sometimes we just want to crawl in bed and sleep until our marine comes home, but instead we get up and go on with our daily routine with our marine in our hearts. we put one foot in front of the other and stay strong . we are strong and we are proud. we have more love in our hearts then we ever thought possible. we are thankful for out men and each other we are marine girlfriends fiancé and wives, and we lean on each other. together we are strong and we will help each other survive. we are the women that love United States Marines.

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43 Responses Nov 12, 2009

I feel the EXACT same way! I thought I was the only one.....

Im an USAF girlfriend but this made me cry so bad.... Its so true I love it

air force but love this!!!!!!!!!!

This is amazing! (navy wife)

USAF girlfriend and I am crying after reading this! So so so sooooo true! Thank you for sharing!

surprisingly i didnt cry while reading this i had to hold it in...i am a army girlfriend but i know exactly what you mean!!

Loved this! Finally a tough and honest post that doesn't involve name calling and ranting.

Im an army girl. But i can relate to this. Just in the army version. This touched my heart. This was the most heart touching thing ive read on here. I think it made me even stronger for my soldier. Thank you so much for writing this. It helped a lot.

Bawled reading this..just sent my SIT off to OSUT at Ft. Benning a couple days ago, such an emotional roller coaster.

Oorah! I love my marine more than life itself. I dont need a ring on my finger, a baby in my belly, a text or call every day, or a long track record with him to know he loves me too. i have voluntarily adopted the USMC girlfriend lifestyle because he is worth it.

my fiance is currently overseas teaching English but every time I read a post like this, I can relate on most levels. I'm a USAF kid, grew up in the military. the closest thing I can relate to him being gone like this is a deployment. He isn't enlisted, he is a civy, but on so many levels, it isnt that different. thank you for your post.

I have a marine over in Afghanistan. Now our situation is so very complicated. We are somewhere stuck between gf/bf and what we call man/lady friend. At the beginning of his pre deployment leave we had decided we would just be friends and that when he came back we would work on it if we still had feelings. By the end of that 2 weeks our minds changed and we were back to man/lady friend bf/gf status. I'm fighting so hard for him and for us to work this out . But the whole reason Kyle didn't want this was bc he didn't want his heart broken. He didn't want me to have to carry something so painful if something happened. And now he's looking around and all he sees are men with dear John letters. I know he wants to give up but that's not me. I made a promise to him. A promise to always be here to fight for him no matter what. And I am. But it's so hard bc I feel like I'm fighting fighting fighting and just receiving nothing back. Can you relate to this? I just need some inspiration bc I'm doing and giving all I got. I'm that women you talk about. Everything you say is me. We are strong. But it's hard to find the strength to carry on when the marine corps is ruining relationships left and right.

While my boyfriend isn't a Marine, I feel like any military girlfriend can connect with this post. It literally brought tears to my eyes because everything you wrote is the straight up truth... thank you for saying what I can't put into words