I Need Advice

So my sweetie is coming in at the end of the week. His last four days with me before deployment. I'm freaking out. As deployment day gets closer things are becoming more real and it's so scary. Does anyone know what to expect? Is there anything I can do to prepare myself more or things I can do while he's away? The scariest part of this all is the unknown. So if any of you ladies can help I would be so grateful.


God Bless all of you and you soldiers!

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I as well met my man while he was deployed and like proudgfarmy3321 said, there really isnt too much you can do to prepare yourself for his deployment. webcam, email, all those things are very helpful in being as close as you can when he isnt really with you back here in the states. they should be able to call or write if not every other day, then everyday. its a hard process. but we military girlfriends are strong and its one of the many qualities we gain dating the men we date. and many other girls cant compare to us. so, Stay Strong, girl! if you ever need to talk im sure we are all here for each other! :)

Thanks for the advice. I need all I can get haha. It's amazing to hear from people who went or are going through the same thing as I am. Thanks again!

I am no longer an Army gf but I have been through the ups and downs of a military relationship. I haven't been with someone when get they get deployed but built a relationship while he was in Iraq. I do not think you can prepare yourself. Its ok to cry its ok to be upset. Let him know you will be waiting for him when he comes home. Alot of girls arent so many guys dont think theirs will be either. While he is gone let him know asmuch as possible you are waiting for him to come home. Send him letters, cards, pictures, and packages. Get a webcame if you dont already have one. Skype is an amazing thing for people not close in distance with their loved ones. Keep your head up. You have everyone on here. If you need anything at all please send me a message on here!! It will be ok. As my ex used to say " baby I'm good at what I do thats why I am here." He will be ok.