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My name is Allie and I am 22 years old. My husband leaves next Friday for a month to do pre-deployment training and then he comes home for a week and a half we go on pre-deployment leave back home and then he is gone. I remember talking about it last September and it seemed so far away but  the months have just flown by. I wish I could do something to keep him here just a little longer. I'm just not ready for him to leave yet. I keep trying to prepare myself and get a plan together of how I will stay busy but I just feel like no matter how much I prepare myself I am just not ready for him to leave me.

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Yeah I live in Escondido. I go to Temecula every once in awhile to go line dancing!

Really you didn't mind? I couldn't stand it...I would always drive down the hill to Palm Springs lol. Yes I live Temecula now, so I'm pretty close to Oceanside. I love Camp Pendleton, the base is nice and there is so much to do around there. So are you in Cali?

Yeah, he is in 29 stumps for 2 more weeks. I used to hang out up there all the time with some friends and I don't mind it but I hate when he is out in the field up there because cell signal sucks. And if he does get a chance to call all I can hear is the wind lol. Are you close to Camp Pen now?

He's at 29 palms? I hate that place! I live pretty close and use to work up there, there is nothing to do out there. anyways I'm sure as long as you keep yourself busy time will go by fast! stay positive :) If you need to talk, I'm always here. I'll keep your marine in my thoughts and prayers ;)<br />
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Semper Fi

Thanks for your comment missingmycpl! My marine leaves in may for 7 months. He is currently away at training which I guess is a good practice because I get a 5 min phone call every few days and a text here and there but reception sucks out there. Anyway, I moved in with the family that I work for (I am a nanny) and I start back in school in may so I will be very busy! I am just looking forward to him coming home! <br />
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Hope all is well with you and your Marine! Take care!

MrsLucas, My Fiance is Currently deployed in Afghanistan and will be returning at the end of this month. You are very right about the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan. They are limited on everything they have...from computer, to microwaves and even showers. I have gone almost a month without hearing from my DF. I was fortunate to talk to him on Sunday, it was the first time in about a little over two weeks. He said it was pretty bad for a while but things have calmed down. I wish you the best on your upcoming deployment. You just have to stay positive, be strong, we are Semper Fi girls ;) I stayed busy with school, gym and our three year old daughter....not to mention the wedding planning I'm doing pretty much alone lol its ok tho. How long will your husband be deployed for? I know exactly how you feel. If you ever need to talk feel free to message me.<br />
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Jebsgril- Sorry everyone is getting on you about your comment but its just different for every marine, we are not saying your marine's job is any less of a job then any of our marines but some of our men aren't as fortunate to be on base close to a computer or phone. A lot of our men go out on Missions for weeks at a time, and we live for those crazy 12 digit calls from a satelite phone that has horrible reception but if we can at least hear them say they are ok and they love you we can sleep good that night. I wish you the best in your relationshio with your marine, just remember everyone's situation is different and be careful what you comment on cause it can and will offend some Marine Wives that have had a hard deployment. Deployments are very Hard!<br />
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girl i know how you feel my husband was supposed to deploy january he was at his pre-deployment training and everything but he didnt go luckly i have more time with him he is leaving in august instead. my husbands job isnt luxury at all either hes protecting the bases at war and doing missions off base too since his squadron is security forces. it is a hard thing this is my husbands first deployment and i dont want to be a distration at all when hes at training whatso ever i want him to concentrate on his training so he knows what hes going to be doing out there all we really can do as wives is be there for them to support them and pray for them and be there when they need you. it is a hard thing to go through but the faster the days go by the sooner you will get to see them come home :) just hang in there get a job. go to school. take a painting class. write him emails. send him some snacks. you can get involved with things on base. you will get through this! im sure you will be fine! :) if you ever need anything or venting on how you miss him so much you can always talk to me :D

I am sorry if my last post comes across as mean I am just having a ruff week. Haven't talked to the hubby at all and he is just training like 2 hours north of where I am.... Life is stressful and it upsets me when people compare Iraq to Afghanistan. Iraq is fairly safe now and communication and mail has had years of development but Afghanistan is literally stuck in the stone age. I know of several people who's husbands and boyfriends have been hurt really bad over there and that situation absolutely terrifies me. It a combination of knowing that the chances of me getting a phone call from him once a month are slim to none, knowing that it is dangerous and just being selfish and not wanting him to go. He is my best friend, my only family and I am scared to death of losing him. <br />
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So, jebsgirl, I am sorry that I was a bit mean with my post its just frustrating. I wish he was going to be in a situation like your man was. One where things were easier but unfortunately, those are not the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

I'm sorry, I am not sure what your boyfriend does in the military but my husbands job isn't like that. Even when he is not deployed and he is in the field for a month at a time I am lucky to get a 5 min phone call every few days and where he is going in Afghanistan I will be lucky to get an update from my FRO every few days and a letter from him every few weeks. There aren't any computers, telephones or any other kind of luxury where he is going. I am really not trying to be mean but meeting someone while they are already deployed and sending your husband there are totally different and while I respect your opinion, your experience was different and my advice to you would be to keep those kind of comments to a minimum.

It IS NOT like he is on VACATION! Just because he gets to call everyday doesn't mean he isn't working....putting his life on the line....He can't go out to eat, he can't go to the movies, sometimes he works straight through the night while working on 4 hrs of sleep for the past 48hrs. Lucky if he gets a shower.... I mean seriously are you kidding me?!

Where, if you know, is he going to be deployed to? <br />
Anyway,<br />
Stay strong! He will be able to talk to you every other day if not everyday. When I was first starting to talk to my boyfriend, he was deployed when i met him. I was the only person he talked to, like called and emailed while he was out there and I got to hear from him if not every other day, its everyday. So its just going to be like he is on a vacation for work or something. <br />
Granted he will be out there fighting for our country's freedom, you just have to think positive and think of all the good things, make plans for when he comes back.

and by the way you two look super cute in your picture!

that is how it was for me and my boyfriend too... suddenly he was just gone! but luckily the time.. for the most part, has continued to fly by. although some days are really hard.<br />
my boyfriend gets back just as yours leaves. it will probably be one of the most painful days of your life... but it seems to get a little bit easier everyday.<br />
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if you know any other women with men leaving, you should start connecting with them now. it is unbelievably helpful to have a little support group of your own at home

Yeah we were talking about the deployment back in september and it seemed like it was forever away and then at the end of september he left for a month and he leaves this friday for another month and I can't believe we are so close to pre-deployment leave and he deploys sometime in may. It all came so fast.

My husband deploys in November, but I'm at school and can't be with him until mid-May. It's so hard, even though it's a long way away I know it will be here before I know it...

I'm not looking forward to June. My husband, Sean, leaves in June for a deployment and I'm moving back home to Louisiana while he is away. I don't know if that is something we will ever be ready for. I'm just happy to have my family there for support.