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ladys that have been married..


Im getting married to my soldier in 14days =]] and im wondering when will we get BAH? Ive so many differnt things an he isnt even sure. so if you know that would be awsome thank you =]]]]]]]

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you know you can also apply for it sooner so you get it soon like its something where you fill out your paperwork where your soon to be married you dont have to be married yet but put it that your getting married and itll come sooner me and my husband had to struggle for a while cause we did it right as soon as we got married and we had to wait till his next check but we found out the hard way lol. alot of people was telling us you could of got it sooner but we got it. shouldnt be hard.

Once you get married you have to request your official marriage certificate. Some states will give it to you the same day if you tell them you guy are military. (we had to wait 7 days to get ours in the mail) Once you have the official certificate he needs to take it to his admin office. If it gets turned in 5 days before the new pay period you should see your first allotment of BAH on his next check. If it takes you a few weeks to turn everything in they will give you back pay of BAH starting from the day you were married but that wont show up until the second or third pay period after you file all the paper work.<br />
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Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions! I work with the family readiness office so if you have a question that I don't even know I can usually get the answer pretty quickly!<br />
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