Dinner With The Parents .... !!!!

Ok ... so me and my fiance have finally come up with a definate date for us to get married and it is May 5!!!! Now thats all great and dandy for me and him but for my family not soo much .  here is the story...

So last night i decided to tell my sister that i was getting married in May. My family know that i am engaged. But anyways i told her i was going to tell my parents soon and i m pretty sure she took it apon herself and told my mom be casue when i went to visit her today she was all about when are you and keith going to get married. that is very strange when she hasnt even said his name since i told her i was getting married. i talked to her and she was very upset that i was doing this for myself and not taking her advice and finishing school first she cried and i cried it was a horrible conversation. but anyways later she tells me that she loves me and she will be there for me even tho she doesnt support my decision. Then my dad calls me and tell me that we need to have dinner and asked me when my fiance is going to be back in town and i tell him sat. so ... guess what we are all having dinner when we are all together and im sooo nervous. my parents use to love my fiance so much he lived in my parents house for 2 years while we were in high school, but im not too sure now and i dont know whats going to happen. This is also really hard for me because my whole life my mom and my whole family want me to finish school first and i had always though that was what i was going to do but i really wouldnt be happy if i waited to years just because of school when i can be with him while im in school! This is sooo.. had for me because i have never gone against my family before i love them with all my heart but i just know i have to do this !!!

PRAY FOR ME all yall are in my prayers!!!!

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You know what...I had the privilege to know both of you and I believe you when you say you are getting married for love and not just the benefits...Oh and you are very intelligent so married or not you will always accomplish your goals...I have faith in you hun...Good luck...wish I could be there to support you but I wish you the best...

I am in school now i will be done with my aa in education in aug. and i am going to take online classes to get my BA. I never though i would sit at home and not work i am going to be a teacher when i am done with school and when i am in school i plan to get a job at a bank if i can find one because i work with cash were i am from, i am not a person who is getting marrying a military man because i just want the benefits and i want to sit at home. I also want to accomplish my goals but i rather do it with him by my side. I have told my parents that i am going to finish school but they just think that i need to have it all done before i get married but i just done agree.<br />
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Den4ce i will stick to my plan and i hope and pray they do come around thanks.

It sounds like she is going to be finishing school from what I can hear, just getting married earlier. As long as you have a plan in mind, and stick to it, I feel like your parents should come around. Good luck!!!

Why does getting married stop you from finishing school? If you don't finish school, you are just setting yourself up for a lifetime of regret. Do you think you will never have to work after you get married? If you do, you are in for disappointment. You owe your future husband and children the best you can be, and you can only be that if you finish the things you started and enable yourself to support your future family financially as well as emotionally. Look up 'parasite' in the dictionary because that is apparently what you are aiming for without graduation.