So He Leaves In June Till Who Knows When

Hi everyone. Well Im from RI and me and my boyfriend met at an old job that we both worked at. When I first met him, I could never see myself with him because he was different than any other guy that I had dated. Well our supervisor set us up ona movie date and we hit it off. We have been dating since 10/14/07 and at first I didn't even know he was in the army and he had already been in for a year. So that was a shock finding out I was dating a soldier..We have been through so much and it makes me love him more and more everyday.Well we moved into or own apartment in Jan of '09 and around Sept he sat me down and told me he was getting deployed and that his pre-deployment starts March 1st. We moved out, he went back to his mother's house and i moved in to my own apt with roommates because I didn't want to be left alone in an apt. far from every1 I knew. Well moving out bothered a little because it was a step closer to him leaving. Well its been 2 weeks since he left but he comes back to RI for 3 days for Easter weekend then he comes back again Apr 21-May 4....Then he leaves to NJ and then to Iraq. Im really scared...its only been 2 weeks and Its already hard...I go to work and school everyday and all I can think about is him....I get so emotional and it disrupts work and sometimes school...He tries to call me every night but itsnot always possible...I made the mistake of not staying in contact with friends sooo I feel alone in this and no 1 around me understands my situation; all they can say is "it must be really hard huh" which makes me feel worse.Ive been trying to keep really busy but at the end of the night he is not laying near me and thats when I come apart alone in my room...I don't know how to handle this better.I didn't know it was going to hurt this much.Any advice?   

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:( my boy is doing his pre-deployment training right now too, hes been gone for 2 months and he goes to afghanistan in about a week. the first few weeks were so hard, but u get use to being alone. i miss him and hurt for him all the time but after awhile it gets easier to deal with . you cant let it disrupt your daily life, that'll make it feel longer and make u feel worse. try to stay as busy as u can and enjoy the time u get to talk to him and see him. this is my first deployment too and its the hardest thing ive had to do but just remember its worth it if you love him!! <3 if u want to message me u can!