Future Mother-in-law Not That Bad

Well he has been gone for 2 weeks now and from my experience shared before you know my army boyfriend is leaving to Iraq soon. Well I use to be sooo annoyed by his mother for the past 2 1/2 years...I love her as another mother but she was a pain in the behind. Well since he left she has been callin me almost everyday and inviting me over her house and to family events but I have been avoiding her. I felt bad so after class today around 7pm,I called to tell her I was coming to visit (i pass by her house on my way home everyday) and she was soooo happy to hear from me...Well the visit went well and the dog was so excited to see me. Now I realize that I shouldn't ignore her because she is going through it too...We both are missing Andy and she doesn't seem that bad anymore...This experience is bringing us closer which feels good...I guess I was avoiding his family because I didn't want them to see hom much of an emotional wreck I am(I dont like when people see me cry) and they remind me of all the good times..Thats a good thing i realize that now so no more avoiding,they are my family too. So how do I stay around them without crying..It is sooo difficult; hopefully it gets easier!?:/

missinandy101407 missinandy101407
18-21, F
Mar 10, 2010