My bf left for basic 11 days ago. Will I start to receive letters by now? And are phone calls allowed at basic? He's in Fort Jackson. Are phone calls allowed there? Any help would be nice! Plz and thank u!
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Do you know if your bf is doing OSUT or getting sent to another fort for training?
Also my boyfriend didn't send me a letter til 4 weeks in, he was at fort Jackson it took that long because they confiscated my address while he was there but 2-3 weeks in they send a letter to his family. You'll get a phone call depending on if his platoon is good or not and depends what DS let's them do. You'll get a call usually on Sundays because those are their rest days.

I have no idea. But I just got a letter today! Yay! So I hope it doesn't take too long for him to get it

Letters usually take 1-2 days but If you sent it today then he won't get it til Monday or Tuesday

Oh wow...thanks

Just letting you know.

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My boyfriends at fort jackson for basic. He's been there 3 weeks I didn't receive my first letter until about the second week but he still hasn't received any of the ones I've sent to him. I got a few phone calls the first 4 days he was there but that's it. Just be patient. Mail is so slowwwwww! Be strong girl.

I'm not sure about Fort Jackson in general, but he should be able to get a few phone calls as time goes on. Letters will probably take awhile (you have to remember, snail mail) but don't feel too down if you don't hear from him soon, you also have to remember he's really busy right now too.

Okay thanks! I'll wait patiently then :(