I'm not a military wife yet but Thursday i will be. I'm very confused, at the moment (not on the whole getting married thing tho)
I have had a ton of stress lately and i know it is killing josh not being able to be here because he is at tech school. i try not to make it hard for him 
but he is my best friend and so of course i tell him everything. we recently found out his first duty station which is tinker which we live in Mwc so its like a 5 sec mood. i was really upset about this at first for the fact that we both wanted to get out of here but then he tells me the second part the he is getting deployed with in the first 6 months of us being stationed. and that just sucked even more, but on the bright side i will be with my family and friends. but he hasn't even started class yet because they are so backed up so he isn't Starting till September and he has been there since July. :( which means longer till he comes home. i'm so upset and need more military wives that understand what i'm going threw and will be here to help me and me help them because my friends are young and none are even in serious relationships let alone married. they are supportive but at the same time don't really understand. and josh's mom won't freaking let go of him and it's really ******* me off too. i love her to death but she needs to realize that we are starting our own family and that she doesn't need to butt in all the time. HELPP!
Casslove Casslove
18-21, F
Aug 9, 2010