My Husbadn Has Been Gone For 3 Days Now.

So my husbadn has been gone for three days now and it has been the hardest thing ever I really hope it gets better I seem to just randomly cry through out the day for np reason at all because it is so hard.
melissastetler melissastetler
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

The first week is the absolute hardest.. Just do your own thing.. and fall into your own life style.. it's hard to do.. but if you keep yourself busy everyday you will be just fine and next thing you know he will be graduated.. I'm here if you need to talk girl.. I am also an Air Force wife <3<br />

hey im going through the EXACT same thing. its really hard. it feels like things get better and then randomly i start crying. it feels like its been so long and its only been 3 days. glad to know someones going through the same thing as me.