Im So Young

Im only in highschool, Im only 14. But yet before i get negative comments ive been through SO much pain and suffering that i feel like I am his age,18. I sit here and I wait for him to come home and I focus on school to make him proud. He's the best thing that has happened to me and I will allow no one to tell me im too young to understand what is happening BECAUSE I KNOW and I will fight and I will WAIT FOR HIM because love doesnt know age.
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3 Responses Sep 14, 2012

I was 14 when I met my husband. He was 18 and in the military then too. Now I'm 18 and we are happily married. Hang in there. If it's true, it will last a lifetime. Stay strong :)

hang in there love! Ppl cant decide your happiness..stay loyal and devoted. But also dont lose sight of your future;)

Your right age doesnt matter when it comes to love. I was 17 when I met my husband he was 25. We got married when i turned 18. Very much in love We've been married a little less then two years and together for almost. We have a son whose 8 months and just found out we have another on the way. Wish the best luck and stay strong together:)