Soon To Be Army Wife <3

So Im 18 and my boyfriend is 18 and we have been talking alot about us getting married before he leaves for basics and after I graduate high school. He hasnt really enlisted yet, but plans to within the next 2 weeks. Its just a really big commitment that I am willing to take. I have done my research on being a military wife, and I can say that I am really excited to support him. I can say that the only thing I am really nervous about is his deployment. I know its going to be very, but with all the support I am already getting, I know theres nothing to worry about. I guess I was just wondering what its going to be like with him gone away to basics. Thanks
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I am married and 18 years old as well :) My husband went to basics over a year ago now. I wrote him every day. You'll get a phone call or two and letters from him throughout. At the end of boot camp, he'll most likely be able to call quite a bit. You just have to be supportive and patient and will make it through with no problem! :)