Not Quite Army Wife Yet...

iam not quite an army wife just yet. me and him have been together for about 4 years and act like we are already married but he wants to get married sometime soon. iam probably going to finish up school first though, but its hard iam not to sure how to tell my dad that we want to get married. he is really touchy about that subject because my sister and my best friend chris got married last jan.4.08 and she moved right after that and he was freaking out about the whole thing. he is afraid of losing his little girls and since iam the youngest i always have to live up to what my sisters been through. it sucks but about the whole marriage thing. he is home until about april 3rd iam sure but we arent going to get married til later on in the year. iam sorta planning it all out behind everyones back no one knows except me n him and one of my really close friends on here [[heismyarmyhero]] <--something like that haha. but anyways idk how iam supposed to tell my dad?how do i bring it up? he is always worried because we are young and him and my mom got married when he was 20 and she was 18 and 16 years later they got divorced. so he thinks every young couple will also which isnt right at all because my dad and my mom had alot of issues and most maried couples on here arent like them yano? so how do i tell him??? do i bring my soldier over when i tell him?? need some help girls. how did yall do it?

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wow thats almost the same thing im going through right now

well im pretty young too i am only 18 and my soldier proposed on christmas and he did it old fashion, he asked my dad for his permission without me knowing and then christmas he proposed! then he left 5 days later :( i am the middle child and the first one to be engaged and although sure my parents would have liked if i finished school first they know its my life and they trust that i will make smart decisions about my life and they trust that my fiance will take care of me. i have a family with all girls so my dad has been out numbered for many years so when my fiance came in the picture they right away got really close. when he asked my dads permission he told thats a stupid question absolutly if he could have it son it would be him which made me cry when i found that out lol...sure your parents may be uneasy about it but they also know they cant hold on forever your growing up and you have to start your own life and maybe eventually your own family. its hard for anyones parents to let go. when my parents found out we were getting stationed in germany my dad tried to tell me i didnt have his permission to leave yet haha but just reassure them your not leaving forever you will be back and you will always be their little girl no marriage license and ring will ever change that. if i were you i would have him at least go with you if he doesnt want to do it alone lol ive realized fathers have alot more respect for guys when they talk to them face to face. good luck girl and just do it if you all love each other and want to be together your father shouldnt be standing in your way let him stand next to you and smile as you walk down the isle :)