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My name is Tiffany and i am 19 years old i am currently going to school to working on my AA. Here's my story and the dilema i am dealing with. I have been with my Fiance for a lil over 4 1/2 years this july will make 5 years. he is the love of my life and the man of my dreams no doubt about it, People always ask me if im sure he's the one because of the fact that he was me First boyfriend ever my first kiss and well not my first in bed because we have stayed abstinent throughout our relationship and waiting for marriage. Well its around the corner and i cant wait july 24 we will be finally tieing the knot. i will finally be his Mrs. and i can't wait. Heres the thing he went into bootcamp resereve but i'v heard they always send reserves out before they send active, is that true? I personally think he should go active i think it would be the best thing for him because he is doing so well. He graduated bootcamp honor grad and they just appointed him guide at his mct training as well. I kno im young and this might sound unreasonable and unrealstic but i really want to have a baby like now. Its seriously like a strong desire of mine and he wants one too, but the thing is we dont know when he would be able to swich active and we wouldnt be able to support the child on the money he would make in the reserves( which is nothing). But that would mean i would have to leave school and go with him wherever he gets stationed and my mom thinks i wont go back to school and im worried about that too. Living the military  life is it necessary for the wife to bring in income or can u live comfortably on his salary? i also heard that there is schooling on bases but would it be free for the spouses? I''v just been thinking about a lot lately and it stinks not having him with me to try and figure things out .I'm just so undecisive in what to do ? Any advice or comments about anything i'v said. it would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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honey, i am in the SAME boat. my husband and I got married April 1, 2009 when I was 19 years old and he is in the USMC reserves. Sometimes they do get sent out before the others, but it really depends on his specialty and what they need over there. either way it SUCKS. I am also trying to get pregnant now that my marine is home, but with PCOS thats going to be really hard for my husband and I to do. Either way, this is like looking at a rerun of my life. if you need anything, let me know