I was stupid when I was younger. The only thing that mattered to me was having a boyfriend. So, when I was 15 years old, I got pregnant. My boyfriend and I broke up about halfway through it, but he was still there everyday to help me and support me. I had my twins, Kaiden Lee and Daisy Maria on May 30, 2005. They are nine years old now and live with their father (they have since they were four when I got a new boyfriend) about an hour away from me now. I do not get along well with Daisy because she argues with me about everything, and I think her father treats her like a spoiled brat. I get along fine with Kaiden. They are both so beautiful, and also both so tall now (Daisy is 5'1 and Kaiden is 4'11). Five years ago I met my current fiancee, Sam, through a friend. We hooked up right away and I was pregnant before I even had his number. When I told him, he was shocked and I was, too. We decided to give this baby to a family that was ready to full-time love and care for them. A little later I found out it was twins AGAIN! Two baby girls. So when Amelia and Kailee were born they went to a really amazing family, and they live a few states over from us in Arizona. Two years ago, I found out I was pregnant. This time I was actually ready and so was Sam. So we decided to keep the baby. It was a boy and we named him Jaxon Rose. He is my personal spoiled baby, I love him to death. Now I am currently 31 weeks along with a triplet pregnancy, because multiples run in my family. I am having two boys and a girl. I want to name them Caison Axel, Camryn Aiden, and Carly Asia, but I might change that later. I would like to reconnect with my oldest twins but for now Im leaving it be. I also want at least seven or eight kids living with me so when Im done with this pregnancy, I want more! I want a total of 13 kids, cause it's my lucky number. I want another round of triplets!
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Wow beautifully amazing!!! Twins triples wow

One minute im happy with this story then im thinking "wtf is this possible to have this many?"

my mom has a twin, my dad has a twin, both my aunties have twins, my grandma was a quint.

You use any kind off p pills? Or your man use condoms?

not anymore

How do you feel when you're pregnent?