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Young Nudists

Hey everyone, I am a young nudist my self, Im 15 My parents arnt all into it. Well they dont know about my nudism, but i know they wouldnt be to happy about it. So that forces me to be nude only once in a while. Im loking to meet more nudists my age. So yea thats about it
newnudie335 newnudie335 16-17 8 Responses Nov 21, 2011

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The same here :-( Only difference is I can let my stepbrother and stepsister see. They don't care.

When you feel ready, check AANR, see if they have a local chapter, esp a local youth -oriented group, and share that with your parents IF you think that'd work. The key is, nudists and naturists are not pervs running around to expose themselves; there's places and contexts where that's the focus, but naturism and nudism is about freedom, sharing the experience. Look up "family nudism", you'll see there's no sexual aspect whatsoever in the legitimate groups. Your parents would be right to be concerned if you were to connect with "nudists" whom they had not met, whose environment they had not checked out. There are, after all, many sharks swimming in our waters. A properly managed club will be set up for large-group shared experiences like group nude swims and other events, not intimate meetings at strangers' homes. Also, check if your area participates in the June World Naked Bike Ride. It's another very-large-crowd event having nothing to do with sexual activity, just masses - some places tens of thousands - of bicyclists riding nude as part of an advertised, well-organized, in some cities police-escorted ride for awareness about the folly of fossil-fuel transportation. Look up wnbr plus your province/state/city and check both general search and just pictures. Your parents will be able to independently see if this is something you'd be permitted to join (maybe even with them!), and they'd see that this, too, is another no-risk nude experience. There MAY be non-adult or parent-chaparoned hot tubs in your area as well, another way to experience clothes-free sharing of the freedom we so fervently enjoy when we find it.

Is there a British thing like this?

Just checking; I don't want to butt in; do you mean my post, about the World Naked Bike Ride? If so, absolutely you'll find it in Britain. Now if you could convince KM to join a ride, I might have to fly over for that ride. Goodness, she's a delight, and I mean that respectfully. A beautiful lady indeed. I love her sense of style; I complimented a young woman today who channeled the Princess: top-quality fashionably coordinated waisted short coat, boots, skirt, handbag, umbrella, "the walk" of confidence without arrogance, pretty - a sparkling ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Seriously, though, e,g if you're in Birmingham or wherever, just put your city/town/village name and "WNBR" or World Naked Bike Ride and see what comes up. I think the main site is, then check for other events near you. You have time now, it's not until June.

I am an active nudist who enjoys sharing with other nudists! So very sorry you can't go nude more often my dear! MMMM!

At some point, you will meet other nudists<br />
that are your age!

i am 17 live with my dad and when hes at work i dont wear clothes... i feel like wearing clothes chokes the body of air. also want to make other friend nudists to talk to via message or fb. not many of nudists here in scotland so i dont really have others to talk to or meet

yeah i have the same problem and i am around the same age and it does pi** me off :D

Good for you sweets, but sorry that you have to pick your times when you can do it.

Sorry your parents are not into it. Maybe there is a beach or river near by you can go to and try it out with. Please remember to be respectful of others if you do.