Winter Fun (based Off A Real Event)

Winter fun {based on real story}
Meka and I were riding in the car with Tim and Amy, our foster parents. We were heading toward a place where we could have some fun in the snow. It had been snowing for the last couple of days, but today was clear and a little bit warm. Tim and Amy had told us that we would be able to have some fun in the snow. We soon arrived at a park. After making sure our gloves were on and our hats were on we got out of the car. Meka and I were both wearing a one piece snowsuit it did not include gloves or boots but it did include a hood. After the car was locked up we started on a walk. We headed deep into the park. Along the way I did not see anyone else. We walked for about an hour. We came to the playground with a restroom next to it. We walked across the snow covered road toward the playground. As I walked across the road I looked at it. I did not see any tire tracks on it. We arrived at the playground and Amy went over to the restrooms. I looked around and did not see any footprints in the snow. Tim came over to Meka and me and asked "Are you two ready?"
"I am." I said.
Meka answered "I am."
Amy waived at us from the restroom. Tim, Meka, and I headed over to the restrooms. There was an area in front of the restroom that was covered by a roof. Under it was a concrete slab and a picnic table was on it. It was the type of picnic table that had its own benches. Amy said "The restrooms are open if you need to go to the bathroom."
Tim said "The road is closed so we don’t have to worry about someone coming up the road. I don’t think anyone is going to be walking up here but Amy and I will still keep an eye out."
"Where can we get changed?" asked Meka.
"You can get changed either out here or in the restroom. It is your choice." answered Tim.
"Let’s get changed in the restroom. I have to go to the bathroom." I said.
Meka smiled then said "Alright. Let's go."
We walked over to restroom. Meka and I went into the same restroom even though they had two restrooms available. We went inside and I walked toward the toilet. I pushed the hood back and removed by gloves. They were attached to the snow suit by clips so they just hung there. I bent down and removed my boots. I was not wearing any socks. The concrete floor was cold against my bare fee. I unzipped the snow suit and slid it over my shoulders. I dropped it down to the ground and stepped out of it. I was not wearing any clothes under my snowsuit. I was now standing naked in the restroom. I looked over to Meka and saw that she had removed her snowsuit as well. Just like me, she had not been wearing any clothes on under it. She stood there naked. I then turned back to the toilet and used it. I flushed the toilet, and then washed my hands. Meka was waiting for me next to the door. When I got to her she opened the door a crack and asked "Can we come out? We are finished changing."
Tim answered her "You can come out."
Meka stepped outside and I followed her. The winter’s air was cold against my skin. We walked over to Tim and Amy.
"How do you feel kids?" asked Amy.
“This is different. I have never been naked outside during the winter." answered Meka.
"It is fun. So, what is next?" I asked.
"I want you to go back inside the restroom and grab your boots. Then come out here and put them on. We are going to take a walk." Tim said.
I asked "How far are we going?"
Tim answered "For now just over to the playgrounds. Maybe later we could go further."
Tim looked at us. Meka and I headed into the restroom and grabbed out boots. Amy opened the door and said "While you are in their there, bring out you snowsuits and the rest of the clothes."
Meka and I set about gathering up our snowsuits and boots. We took them outside and put them on the table. I took my boots and put them on. I turned to see Meka finish putting on her boots. Tim took us over to the playground.
"Don't touch the metal." warned Tim.
We ran around the playground making sure not to touch the metal. We did make a couple of snowballs but we threw them away from each other. We played out in the playground for only a few minutes before Tim said "Time to go back kids."
I wanted to stay out a little longer but I knew that if I was good they would have a special treat for us. I followed him and Meka back to the restroom area. Once there I was not feeling too cold. I looked at Meka she did not look cold either. "We want you to get into your snowsuits and warm up." Amy said.
I grabbed my snowsuits and took of my boots. I then put my snowsuit on then put on my boots. I zipped myself up. I turned to see was already dressed in her snowsuit. Once we were dressed Tim led us on a short hike down the trail. We walked for about twenty min when Tim stopped us. We were in the middle of the woods with no one near us. Tim looked at us and then walked over to Amy. They spoke to each other for a few minutes. Then Tim said "You two have been doing good today. I think it is time."
Amy and Tim set down the backpacks they had been carrying. They unzipped the backpacks and Amy pulled out a couple of towels. She handed one towel to me and one to Meka.
Amy said "Put those on the ground in front of you."
We did as we were told. "Okay, now I want you to remove your boots and step on the towel with your bare feet." said Tim.
I pulled off one of my boots then I placed my bare foot on the towel. I then repeated it with my other foot.
"Now take off your snowsuits and give them to us." said Tim.
I unzipped and pulled off my snowsuit. I then handed it to Amy. I looked over to Meka and saw that she was naked. I smiled at her. Amy reached into her backpack and pulled out a couple of woolen hats. She walked over to me and handed me one. She then went to Meka and gave her the other. I opened the hat and inside was a pair of gloves and a scarf.
"Now put on the boots, gloves, hat, and scarf." said Tim.
I put on my boots, then the hat, then the scarf, and finally the gloves. When I looked over at Meka she was putting on her gloves.
"Now we can keep going on our walk. The boots, hats, gloves, and scarves we have given you will help to keep you warm." said Amy.
We turned around and headed back down the path we had come down. The clothing that we were wearing even thought it was not much it still kept us warm. Twenty minutes later we were back at the playground. We walked over to the restrooms. This time Meka had to go to the bathroom. I pulled off my hat, gloves, scarves, and boots. Once fully naked I went into the restroom. Meka had gotten naked as well and was using the toilet when I got into the restroom. After a little while Meka finished using the toilet. We left the bathroom after Meka was done.
Tim said "Alright you two, time to experience the snow, while you two are fully naked. I want you two to walk in the snow without wearing anything on."
We took off for the snow. We ran into the snow laughing. It was cold! I jumped into a snow bank and did a snow angel. The snow angel when I was done had a couple of butt prints in it. I got up out of it and looked for Meka. Meka had also made a snow angel. We ran over to the playground and ran around. We did this for about ten minutes till I started getting cold. Meka headed for the restroom and I was right behind her.
Amy and Tim were waiting for us under the cover. We were both wet by this time. Tim pulled out a couple towels for us. Meka and I dried off with the towels. We then got dressed in our snowsuits to warm up. We also got our boots on. We managed to stay dressed for at least thirty minutes. I then asked Tim “can I walk back to the car naked?”
Tim looked at me then at Meka. He said “Meka, do you want to walk back to the car nude?”
She looked at me then at our foster parents. She did not say anything. She just stood up from the bench she was sitting on, reached up and unzipped her snowsuit. She pulled it over her shoulders and it dropped to the ground. She sat down pulled off her boots and the snowsuit. She then got her boots back on. She picked up the snowsuit and handed it to Amy. She then got on her scarf, hats, and gloves.
I smiled at her and said “I guess that’s your answer.”
I ******** naked and put on my boots, hats, gloves, and scarf. I handed my snowsuit to Tim. Tim and Amy looked at both of us and smiled.
“Let’s go.” said Amy.
We headed out. Meka and I walked for the entire hour it took to get back to the car in the nude. It was cold, but we did it. When we got back to the car, Tim opened the trunk to the car. Amy and Tim then put the backpacks that held our snowsuits into the trunk. Tim and Amy looked at us then motioned us to the trunk. Amy said “No, wet clothing in the car. Tim will you please unlock the car.”
Tim unlocked the car and got in and started the engine. Amy looked at us and said “Take it off and put it in the trunk.”
I pulled off my gloves, hat, scarf, and then my boots. I tossed them into the trunk. Here I was standing in a snow covered parking lot completely naked. Meka stepped up next; she then took off her gloves, hat, scarf, and boots. We were now naked together in the parking lot. Amy looked at us and smiled.
“Alright you two, one more thing you two can do. I want you to run in the snow up to the street and come back here.” Amy said.
We took off and I made it to the street first. I turned around and ran back toward the car. Meka passed me by on the way back. We got into the car laughing. Tim had turned the heat on in the car and it was warm. We started driving home. Along the way Tim pulled into a drive thru. If the people who were working the drive thru saw us naked they did not say anything.
When we were getting close to home, Tim drove between two school buses full of children. I saw many of them looking into the car, some of them were pointing at the car. I waived to them. I looked over at Meka and saw that she was waiving toward the other bus. When we got home we drove into the garage and the garage door was closed before we got out of the car. We were allowed to go naked the rest of the day. We even spent some time outside in the backyard in the nude.
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I just read your delightful adventure naked in the snow! Since it is based on a true story I am glad that Tim and Amy, your foster parents, encouraged you to be naked in the snow and to hike and have fun making snow angels naked and then taking the long trek naked back to your car. Amy was wise to tell you to take off your wet hats, scarfs, and gloves because wet clothing was not allowed in the car. It was also nice that they drove between two buses of school kids who saw you naked. I really liked your experience and am glad you had the foster parents you had! Live your lives nude and proud that you were allowed to be nude without any scolding from Tim and Amy. Your naturally naked bodies are normal and I hope you will always see being nude as normal. Well-written and well-said!