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Image And Confidence

Today, an issue came to my attention that I feel like I need to talk about. Today on this site I've seen several stories and actually heard from a friend I met recently about girls that are disgusted by their bodies. I realize that there is a lot of pressure from tv, movies, and other things to look a certain way in order to get people to like you or make it seem like you have to look a certain way in order to be a valued member of society. Now, I'm not a woman so I can't fully understand what young women think when They see things like this. But to all the women and girls who read this, you are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different. We are all children of God and our bodies are a manifestation of everything good that He gave to mankind(and womankind). Have pride in yourselves and know that true beauty is not exterior but comes from the soul.
Jlbear Jlbear 16-17, M 8 Responses Jan 10, 2010

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Very well put young dude

I've believed and argued for years that there is no such thing as an ugly naked woman.

I may not agree with the whole god part, but the message is good. I'm not female either, but I know that having a wider waistline or 'imperfect' skin doesn't make somebody ugly. People need (actualy NEED, they're causing damage) to stop acting like models are paragons of humanity and beauty. Virtually everybody is beautiful.

It's the few vocal people that want to impress their way of life on others that make you always hear from. Just don't listen to them. I know that that's a very simple concept, but very difficult to practice. Confidence is not an easy nut to crack, but well worth the effort. <br />
<br />
For people that think they are sub-par physically, visit a clothing optional club, resort, beach, campground, etc. You will surely see many others who look the same as you. The cool thing is that nobody cares. Everyone is there just enjoying themselves and other peoples' company, without prejudice or concern over what other people look like. You will never find a more inviting and accepting group of people anywhere. This will give you a lot of confidence in every day life as well.

From my ventures into the female pattern of thought with my female freind named Alyssa , who frankly doesn't give a damn what she looks like. It seems to be a matter of peer pressure. If you weren't pretty or skinny or didn't have the newest clothes or chose an "out dated" hairstyle or didn't play sports or used brain over brawn or didn't watch a certain movie , the list is endless! You were a "misfit" "nerd" "idiot" "moron" "retard" and so on...

who needs the media, when you have someone like you to make us feel beautiful. (and without the medias use of comparisons) =) I definitely am young nudist haha

satisfiacation comes through the mind's beutifulness.....!!!<br />
their is no another option....!!!

The media would respond to that with "That's what ugly people say to make themselves feel better".<br />
<br />
but then again times are changing. <br />
<br />
Just look at this article.<br />
<br />