In The Bag.

I am 17 and I smoke excessively. I started smoking when I was 15. I was influenced by my friends.
And the desire to do bad things to act cool pretty much sky rocketed. When my parents found out, my mom was against it but my dad he was 'different' , instead of punishing me he accepted my habit and even offered me 10 packs of cigarettes a month. I accepted gleefully.
Now I smoke about 17-20 cigs a day and three sticks of weed. I suffer from depression , cough , lack of enthusiasm ; energy ; and am deliberately pushing myself towards cancer.
I can't give up either because there's no one to tell me so.
Moronicjester Moronicjester
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Tell yourself

I dont worry about this anymore.
Thanks anyway.

I didn't notice the date lol. I'm glad this isn't a problem for you now.

I still smoke. But now its 4-5 per day.