I Am 18 And Have Just Come Out As Transgender

When I first told my friends about it, most of them were really good about it, but a couple haven't had much to do with me since. Which makes me sad, but that's ok. My mum freaked out when I told her, and said "no you're not, you have a hormone imbalance, you can't be transgender you're far to feminine."
My mum is very stubborn. To her, since I grew up in dresses I must be feminine. But she's the one who picked then dresses, not me. As soon as I was old enough to pick my own clothes, the dresses went out the door.
Since mum freaked out in March, nothing else has been said about the subject. And I've done nothing about it. I guess I'm still acting, like I have been since I first realised there was something not normal about myself.
So I go about my life, I act perfectly female and I do my hair and wear girl clothes. Because I'm too afraid of my mother to do anything about how I feel. I love her to pieces but she terrifies me. She would never hurt me or anything, but I'm more afraid of hurting her than of anything she could do to me.
I can't live like this much longer. I have a few friends who know everything, and they've been brilliant. But I would be so much happier if my mum was on board and I could actually DO something about it. I can't keep this act up much longer. It's making me crazy.
So yeah, my experience with coming out has been both good and bad. I'm determined to stick to my guns though. I will be who I need to be.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

At least you had the strength to tell your friends, and it's even better that most of them accepted it and had no problem. I can definitely relate to how you feel regarding your mother, there's something about disappointing her that tears me to pieces inside. She's your mother, hopefully she will be able to get behind you and support you, as in the end , you are still her child, which is all that really matters.