Wisdom Isn't Always Enlightening

I lost my husband to leukemia on April 15, 2010 following almost two years of treatment. It felt like a slap in the face after all the energy and hope we put into his treatment, just to have it end abruptly. I'm at peace with the fact that everyone (doctors, family, him, me) did everything possible to save him and it just wasn't in the cards~nature won out this time. Since his death, its been hard to for me to relate to others I already know, let along new people I meet. I'm a "young" widow (29 yo) with no children who has spent the last two years living and breathing the fight for a cure for my best friend and partner. This has put me in a different category than most my age when it comes to life experience or perspective. I've gained (and lost) so much in such a short period of time, and unfortunately, the one person I used to share this kind of stuff with is no longer here. I don't feel completely hopeless but I'm definitely lonely and frustrated and wish my person was here to talk to!
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I am sorry for your loss , i lost my husband in feb and hope that you will one day feel happy and lucky to of had him in your life that is what i am trying to do but very hard , as people keep telling me time is a great healer though i am sick of hearing that i dont no about you. though i understand it is hard to no what to say when some one loses some one close to them