Why Did You Leave Me Here

why did you leave me here all alone .....you know my heart still beats but its cold ...you were my everything my soul and my heart you own ...you took a very big piece of it with you that day ....and i can not get it back  till i go though the pearly white gates ..i hate waiting
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I feel for you. May you find strength in the Lord God...He will get you through everything life throws at you. Please add me.


I can understand...that you are stuck in that moment...take your time...but then you ll have to get up and start walking away....may you have the strength to fight the odds

Due to a similar loss, I can relate to you.

Those are my exact feelings...
Sorry for your loss

hugs to u

hugs to u

Please, don't get trapped in THAT waiting game. You'll just be wasting the precious time you have here to do great things. No, to one degree or another you will never get over losing him, but you have the opportunity and ability to do some wonderful things in this world. Cherish the memories, but appreciate every new day to do something good for someone who needs it. Once you leave this world, you will have eternity to be with him again. Believe this- the best is yet to come!

hugs you in your time of need

It was not his choice to leave......if it were his choice..he would still be with you...know that in your heart....and know that in your soul..and knowing that, you will be able to gather the strength and heart to go forward...<br />
<br />

As far as I know when one dies, the body says bye. The soul, the spirit is not physical and so by default never dies...

They say: "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." How fortunate you have been to have experienced true love from someone who truly loved you. I am so sorry for your loss and only wish to tell you what you may already know, and this is that you have experienced what so many of us dream of, this being, real love. If we have experienced what we thought was true love we only found out later that it wasn't, for we were tossed aside much like trash. I pray your pain decreases with time; this is easy to say of course, but I truly mean this! May each of your memories be filled with joy, so much so that you will someday find yourself out in public, laughing aloud about something silly and/or endearing that you experienced with your loved one:) God Bless You and Yours.

my Beloved had a heart attack with me in bed. He had been very sweet and flirty that day. We we happy to go to bed and neither of us had to awaken early the next day. We were ,togethertogether. Then he shook & trembled, when he relaxed, I relaxed, He did not speak or feel distressed. It was dark though. No t.v. nothing but his warmth and comfy self. I was wrapped around him all night and slept late.If his arm slid off of me , I would just place it back. I felt so happy. <br />
When our 19 yr old son could not get him up, twice. He made me call 911. He was only 64 yrs old and youthful looking these are mandatory criminal investagtions. he passed in Aug 2009. It feels as a giant momment. there is not one moment that I am not filled with my evelasting Love & feeling of Oneness with him.. He has made his presence known to me in very evidential ways. for our son and he were so close that I have had to cry out for his help for how I may better serve his needs. I am also taking care of my mother almost 24/7. I run over to our home to make him dinner but cannt stay to interact as before. He is far too alone now I think.. I feel as if I become too sad I am forgetting how truley grateful I am for the Infinite Divine Blessings of our 15 yrs we shared exclusively befor the magical mystical wonderous time we also adored sharing in raising and experienceing the deep sweet wisdom that our chilren express to us. I just feel like I wish to be the very best I can so to re-unite with him. I know Love cannot die. He has supported us both clearly to me. I must learn not to share too much of this. but I feel you. your Love your pain and Belssed reality. I don't konw the details but I know "there is no space or time, we are One in Divine Mind" just as there Is no death. Only a changing of worlds. Love Heals, dear Goodseemore & more. Blessings Of your Eternal Love, True8

I know It"s hard to live without him ...but you need to find time for yourself and your son ....hire someone for a few hours a week and spent the time with your son ..do something fun ...I know it's easier said than done ..but it will help you feel some better ...we have lived with this six years now ...and lot has changed....God is first ...my kids are second ....and everything else well it's whenever i get to it ...i cut my hours working and spent the time helping others ...and the best part is my daughter is now learning how to have caring heart ....but when its night and she's sleep ...i find myself wanting him even more ....

Wish I could offer words of wisdom but all I can say right now is that I feel exactly the same way as you, I'm 42 and lost my husband to leukemia in April of this year. He was my whole reason for being and although I'm functioning on a pratical day to to day basis really all I want is to be with him again. Every morning I wake up wishing that my time would come sooner rather than later but knowing I can't tell anyone that.....I feel your pain and understand, please know that you are not alone

I understand your pain,<br />
I lost my Partner in June- Im 20 and 3 months pregnant with his baby. He was the love of my life and my everything.<br />
Although at only 24 he took his own life, i wish that upon his decision to leave this world he could have given back the life of someone who had no choice to go. And if i could rather then having him back i would give that beating heart to you. If only.<br />
<br />
Ive been told that "time heals all" We will always remember our partners and never let go- I can assure you that i now only live for our child- My growing belly is the last thing left of my beautiful man, and i hope you find something, anything that gives you the hope and the strength you need to smile again one day.<br />
<br />
Im sure that he is looking over you, loving you and keeping you safe.<br />
All my love.x

Hi chailleg123,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my partner/fiance of 4.5 years in a car accident 1 month ago. He was 24 as well. He passed three weeks before our son's first birthday. I often thought if I had the choice I'd want to go instead of him so he could spend more time with his son (who he adored!). I'm still trying to understand everything and I know you are doing the same but continue to make him proud by keeping your child happy and safe. At this point in my life I am only living for our child as well. Our son saved both of our lives in a way. His father, Will, got to experience the family he always wanted and learned to love unconditionally. I am saved because without my child, I would have gone to be with my love. This life isn't the same without him but as mothers (mothers-to-be) we are called to be strong. Even when we don't want to. Love your child the way you loved your partner, unconditionally. I hope you will find strength when you need it most.

Lots of hugs and light from my side. Sometimes we can't find answers why such things happen in life. I went through this 12 years ago.We are left here because we have to fulfill our wordly duties before we depart. I have 2 beautiful children - they are young adults now and I am very proud of them. The sufferings and hardships i have gone through has made me a stronger person. You will also become stronger.......take each day as it comes, have faith in your self, love your self ...we all love you too.

In this world death will touch us in some form or another. I lost my Beloved the day after our son's birthday and not a day goes by that I or our children don't think about him. He was my world, my partner,friend to my body and soul. I know how you and many others on this path feel. My little girl reminds me that I feel the way I do because half of me is gone so I am a bit off. I smile...How did she know... looking into her eyes is like looking into his and she brings me hope.... must live for them...and so I go on. So will you.

I offer my condolences for your loss,

:( cuddles with ya.

My commiserations go out to you. I'm deeply sorry for your heartbreaking loss.<br />
<br />
I echo everyone's care and concern too. I hope you have managed to find some solace, courage and strength in your time of sorrow and loss.<br />
<br />
I hope with time your pain will diminish.<br />
<br />
<br />
With sympathies from your new friend at EP.

He left you here because god called him<br />
You couldn't leave because you still had to fulfill your plan in life<br />
Which was to bless others with your experience and presence :)<br />
<br />
Many hugs and blessings

thanks..i needed that