Just An Ordinary Day.

January 18, 2010 was an ordinary day.  My husband kissed be goodbye and told me to be safe and I smiled and said you be safe.  I stayed home with our then 3 month old little girl and couldn't wait until he got home to show him some of her new moves :).  I was cutting vegtables up for dinner when my mother came to the front door and said get your shoes on Dave's been in an accident.  I couldn't think or move my heart knew it was bad.  I had to say goodbye in the er and he was gone.  Now a year later I miss him everyday. I see him in our daughter.  He should be here with us.  I'm  and a widow.  I still struggle everyday but have more better days than before.  But sometimes it hits me when I least expect it.  I thought after the one year was over things would get easier but its still hard. 
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I lost my husband 6 days ago and I really am still looking for him to walk through the door. I was the one who found him in our home and I keep replaying that moment over and over again. I am at a loss for words on how to cope. Our family has been there every step of the way but nobody in our family has had to experience this and Im trying to make people understand that I cant just stop crying, its hard when his birthday is in 3 days and I have to spend that without him. I pray for you in your loss and know your husband is watching over you.

Very sorry to hear of your situation. Please remember that Death is not final. It is only a change from one dimension to another, like passing through one door into another room. Your husband is with you in spirit if not in person. If you close your eyes and meditate, with practice you will be able to communicate with him. Try it and see. You are a young person and so as time goes by you will recover from the trauma and grieving. In the mean time look after yourself and your daughter and try and think good and positive thoughts. Best wishes to you.

I am a year ahead of you in widowhood. I was told the first year would be very bad, the second, difficult, the third, half bad and half better, year four, more good than bad, and year five close to normal. I am finding the end of this second year to be easier but, with sad and lonely days yet. I find each day I have more reason to want to live and find enjoyment in the things I liked before. I also have three special needs children we adopted expecting to raise them together. I am often tired but, then remember how much I am still needed. May your journey open your eyes to blessings all around you.

This is a hard time,but l hope God is in control. l also wants to know if you will marry again?

This is a hard time,but l hope God is in control. l also wants to know if you will marry again?