There Is Hope In Christ, Do Nt Despair

Hello Dear,

Just pray to God to send the Holy Spirit to grant an everlasting peace. You should cherish all the good things you did together, but you cant see him in the land of the living. It is only for us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling that our end should be in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Do not me mad at God, God is the maker of good things, and He is not responsible for the lost our loved ones. If God was wicked why did nt he killed them right away when they were in their mothers womb. The devil who is the advesary of Gods people is the one who has a mission to kill, destroy and steal john 10:10. Just make peace with God, ask fog Him to forgive you, and you shall have eternal peace. The devil has penetrated the world through sin and that is how he is busy taking away lives that he has no idea what it took God to create them. God has given the choice to chose between life and death. It shall be well with you. Do not despair. God still needs you on earth, and He will bless with another family. Look beyond the valley, there is hope for the living. Thanks with Love. Martha
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May 29, 2012