Lost And Confused

I am 35 i lost my husband (27 yrs old) 3 weeks ago to a tragic motorcycle accident! I don't know how to be strong or how to keep going he was my best friend and husband! I feel so lost and confused! I miss him more than anything! My life changed in a blink of an eye and nothing matters to me anymore
KBryant KBryant
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I really feel for you. I lost my husband 2 months ago due to a freak accident through drowning. I still feel numb and seem to be getting through life in a robotic mode. I have 2 children and I find myself staying strong for them and then when they are in bed, I am able to grieve by myself. Allow yourself this time to miss him and to grieve for him. Just know that you are not alone xx

I went through the loss of my fiance' last year. Time does help. It has been almost 9 months without him and it has gotten better, Be easy on yourself and only allow supportive people to be around. Your life is going to change from this experience and you will make it. Try to find a grief counselor, it helped me tremendously to have this support. I will never "get over" the loss, but I have come to terms with it, and so will you.