**The Loss Of Two Of The Most Important People Of My Life** My Soul Mate And Best Friend Only 29 Years Old And My Mother 45 Years Old.

by By Ashley
(Belle Vernon, Pa)

My name is Ashley I am 31 years old and I lost two of the most important people in my life.
My boyfriend of 8 years was killed in a tragic work accident on July 17, 2012. He was working on the highway as a crane operator trying to remove a pole from the road that someone had hit first and a truck came on the side of the road and hit the broken pole and the pole came up hitting him in head killing him instantly. I love him so much. We did everything together we were best friends. I feel like no one knows what I am going through and I feel completely alone. He was a great man he was hard working, caring, and would do anything for anyone. He was very outgoing and always moving here loved to ride dirt bikes, quads and motorcycles. He loved the outdoors fishing, camping, and canoeing. We didn’t live together he was out of town a lot for work so we didn’t think there was any rush into moving together. I feel like I have lost my other half. I have so many mixed emotions I go from being so sad I can’t stop crying for hours to being so angry at god for taking him away and at my family because they say I need to talk about it and no one understands and sometime I just can’t talk about it.

I know all of these emotions are normal because I had to go through this not once but twice 8 years ago, I was 21, and my mother had died in a car accident on December 11, 2005. A woman was driving a ford 150 and hit black ice did a 360⁰ sideswiped a jeep then hitting my mom and sister head on. It killed my mom instantly. My sister had many broken bones but was ok.Like my boyfriend she was a great person. She fought colon cancer for 10 year had diabetes and almost died two times from congested heart failure and pneumonia and still after all that always manage to laugh. She was easy going and very outspoken and didn’t care what people thought about her she was the best mother in the world.
When my mother died people would away tell me “time heals” and “with time it gets easier” well back then I just wanted to punch them in the face and tell them off. I thought I was never going to fell right, good or happy but over time it did get easier. It has only been a month since my boyfriend died and I’m really hurting right now, but I have to keep telling myself it does get easier. I know I am always going to miss the both of them and I am always going to have good day and bad days.
I came to the website in hopes of finding someone that is going through the same thing and someone I can talk to about everything I am feeling. I also hope I can help anyone that is hurting as bad as I am. Thank you for reading my story.

In Loving Memory of Robin 45 years old (Mother) and Allan 29 years old (Boyfriend and best friend)
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How are you doing now? I also have lost my 3 closets people to me. My husband, my SIL and my BFF. Its been very difficult to get back to being ok. I feel overwhelmed most of the time. I have almost no support network.