I'm Half of Myself Without Him


I met my husband Mick when I was 23, and he was 46 (and a few months older than my own parents to cap it all.)

We were married in 1996 and he was diagnosed with cancer in october 2006; he passed away in july 2007. Thankfully it didn't drag for ages.

He had a temper that would do my head in, but apart from that he was my soulmate. He used to tell me that I was half of his soul. When he went to God, he too took half of my soul and all of my heart with him.

Have you noticed how the big and small things of life are meaningless without your loved one? And there's years and years ahead of this complete meaninglessness.

The one thing that keeps me going is that God is there with me every step of the way and that I'll spend eternity with Mick.

Thank you for having read my story,


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i came here hoping to find answers, i guess the same questions as everyone else has. I'm a widow was married 15 years, I was 36 when my hubbt passed away. he was my whole life. now it's like i dont have a life anymore. hoping to find answers about how to try and move on. but the one thing that really irritates me is I keep hear about how good god is. well if god is so good then why is my best friend, a wondeful person gone and murderers and child molesters still walking this earth healthy. I am so sick to death about hearing how god can help me through this.

My heart sincerely goes out to both of you. I do understand your feelings as they are mine also. I lost my precious Husband of 36 years, whom I met when I was 16, from the doctor who was suppose to save his life, DELIBERATELY taking it instead.<br />
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I wish you both comfort, God's love and Grace.<br />
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Angel Blessings,<br />
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I know the feeling, my friend<br />
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At my church we had a discussion "If Jesus-Christ comes back RIGHT NOW to take us all to the Father, are you ready?" and most people admitted they wouldn't be 100% ready.<br />
I muttered under my breath "Ready? yeah, not half!"<br />
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I've found out that the only way forward is to stop asking ourselves "why do I breathe" but to focus on the eternity with our loved one. <br />
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I hope you have a belief that keeps you going.<br />
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Best regards,<br />
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I know what you mean, I look in the mirror and say why am I shaving? why do I splash colonge on my face?why brush your teeth? why cook out? why breath? why live?