I Cant Believe This Happend To Me

This just cant be right i had the perfect life a wonder husband and three beautiful children until my world was shattered on feb 21, 2009. I was finishing up a birthday party for my oldest daughter when there was a knock at the door there stood two men in there formal uniforms from the army it never crossed my mind what i was about to hear i thought they wanted to recruit someone so thats when i said my husband is already in thanks anyway before i knew it they were telling me who they were and that they were there to see me. they came in and proceeded to tell me that my husband of ten years was shot in the head the night before and died on the operating table in baghdad iraq. all i remember was my friend's husband helping me off the floor and telling me to go sit down after that everything is blurry i just remember thinking this couldnt be happening my husband knew his job and knew it well. Now at the age of 30 years old i'm faced raising my children alone age's 6 yrs. 3 yrs and 15 mths. I"m not sure how to do this but each day has passed and i'm realizing i am doing it with the help of God and the few loving friends i have

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I was a young widower on the 15th of May 1986- Now Im an old (widower) @ the age of "55" since May of 1986. The ony change is; my kids are now grown & now have kids of their own. My suggestion...?; "trust in your faith". It dont matter what that faith entails- because regardless of what faith you follow; you will always meet God according to your own ability to "understand"- so, you are on the right track regardless of anybody elses "opinions"...;)

Make your home something more than a house with wood and nails make it a warm loving feeling so no matter where you are yours feel home anywhere

May your journey with your children be as easy as it can be!! sounds like your kids have a very strong mother who can teach them what a hero their father was. I'm here to chat if you need an outsider to chat with!!! good luck with your kids and life.