my wife died 10th jan 2010 from brain tumor aged 35

I have two children 6 and three and after not doing to bad for the first month I am starting to find it a lot harder

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Hi. Sorry to read your sad story. I was about your age when my wife made an abrupt decision to split. Our second child was barely one year old and she flatly refused to discuss it and never has to this day. I still do not know why she was in such a desperate hurry to get away. I became a regular weekend parent until my kids left school because I loved them and I did not want them to suffer for something that was beyond their control. Numb with grief I searched for someone who could understand. I am sure I was a charity case to some of my poor friends who had problems of their own but they graciously accepted that I was temporarily overwhelmed by personal loss. Things did get better but it took much longer than I thought. The walking wounded seem to repel the people and things they need the most. I did not really need pity. I needed to grow and I had to commence that journey on my own. I am not a 'lone wolf' but I had to come to terms with the fact that some things in life are beyond our control and this I had to do alone with God. There are some fabulous people out there and when you are ready they come along. It seems to happen when you stop searching.

Both of your stories mad me so sad, I am so sorry that such hardship seems to befall good people. My dad died just a couple of months ago and when ever I start to feel really awful I seem to hear of some one else that is doing it a lot tougher. For you kids sake hang in there and do your best. Also remember to ask for help if you need it, most people don't mind helping but unless you ask they may not know you need it. Xxx

Hi sorry to hear ur sad news iv only jus joined this site. im 5 mnths pregnant my boyf was murdered 8 weeks ago i also have a 10 yr old daughter fro previous relationship.J us wanted o say im starting the tough life ov single parenting now.I bet ur an expert now xxxx